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The big Cat groaned as it dug into the hillside with its sharp scraper blade, crisscrossing the side of the hill like a bright yellow prehistoric spider taking tons of dirt into its gaping maw with each pass. Katie Arden operated the huge piece of equipment with the skill of a surgeon, deftly maneuvering the big earth mover like it was the family car. At first the other operators were skeptical of her ability to handle one of the big rigs, but grudgingly they had to admit that she could do the job as well, if not better than most them! While it had taken awhile, she was now pretty much considered one of the "guys", and was usually included in the horseplay and joking around that came with the territory. From the time she was a little girl Katie had been fascinated with heavy equipment. Much to the chagrin of her parents, she ignored the usual feminine pursuits, and as soon as she graduated from high school she enrolled in a heavy equipment operator's school. Six months later she had her union card and was driving a packer on a new highway just outside of her home town. It was during her time in heavy equipment school that Katie made a startling if not pleasant discovery, the constant vibration that hummed from the motor all the way up to the cab could induce orgasms in her vagina if she held her cunt in the right position of the seat! The first time it happened, she barely was able to keep control of her tractor! As she became more familiar with the equipment, it was easy for her to have as many as three or four climaxes a day by shifting her vagina so her clit could get the maximum effect of the vibrating motor!!!

Katie always was highly sexed, and her mother wondered if that had anything to do with her wanting to do such a masculine job!!! Well Katie was definitely all woman, with a very voluptuous body that even under her work clothes was hard to hide. Ever since she could remember she always loved touching her private parts, whether it be her large firm breasts or her pouty lipped vagina, it really made no difference. By age eighteen she was regularly having orgasms by rubbing her little clit with her finger, and on several occasions her mother happened to catch her doing the nasty, but no amount of scolding could make her stop pleasuring herself! Her mother finally threw up her hands and gave up, realizing that her daughter was very highly sexed, and needed constant sexual relief. She had to admit that she was secretly proud, because she herself was an early masturbater, and to see her daughter following in her footsteps was good for her soul! When she told her husband Rick that their daughter was doing a lot of "exploring", he just laughed and said, "Like mother like daughter," and then proceeded to fuck her for the fourth time that week!!! While her husband was pounding his big cock into her hot cunt, she thought of how cute her daughter's 18 year old pussy had looked when she saw her fingers disappearing inside of her tight little cunt! Her own orgasm poured over her thinking about how lucky her daughter was to have such a needy vagina!

Katie never dated any of the other operators on the various job sites she worked at, not because she wasn't attracted to any of the fine young hunks that were her coworkers, but just the fact that she didn't believe in mixing business with pleasure. All that changed, however, last Thursday when she got down out of her cab to take a fifteen minute coffee break. Turning the corner in back of her rig, she practically ran into Jerry Hanks who was calmly taking a piss against the tire of his grader. For the past hour, Katie had been on the verge of a huge orgasm, but had gotten distracted by a problem with her power steering. For this reason her pussy was still in a frenzy, and seeing the long pecker hanging out of Jerry's blue jeans only aggravated her hard little clit even more! When Jerry realized that Katie was watching him pee, he hurriedly turned away and apologized for having embarrassed her. Katie just laughed and walked over to Jerry and said, "No harm done Jerry, in fact I kinda enjoyed seeing what you had hidden inside those jeans!!!" Still fumbling to get his dangling cock back inside his zipper, he asked in an unsteady voice, "Really, I didn't think you paid attention to any of guys out here!" Katie, now in desperate need to have an orgasm, reached out and took Jerry's cock into her warm hand and replied, "I may have never have said anything, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested," while stroking his big cock to a full erection! Looking around to make sure no one else was in sight, Katie dropped to the ground and quickly took Jerry's now blue steel meat into her hungry mouth. Jerry groaned as the pretty scraper operator sucked on his manhood like there was no tomorrow! He couldn't believe what was happening to him, less than three minutes ago he was calmly taking a leak behind his rig and now, however, he was getting the blowjob of a lifetime from what he thought was a major league "ice queen"!!! He was too wrapped up in his own pleasure, and didn't even notice that Katie had slipped her hand inside of her own pants and was furiously fingering her own slit and clit! As Jerry's sperm gushed into Katie's open mouth, her own climax spread through her pussy, making her cunt muscles contract spasmodically around her drenched fingers. When Jerry's cock finally stopped doing its fountain imitation, Katie reluctantly let it slip from her lips, and after standing up quickly, gave Jerry a long hard kiss and whispered into his ear, "Same time tomorrow!!!" A still stunned Jerry could only nod as he retracted his pecker back inside his shorts while watching Katie casually saunter away!!!

From then on it became a ritual, both Jerry and Katie would take their breaks at the same time where upon Katie would suck Jerry's big pecker to orgasm. It got to the point where getting Jerry's load down her throat was all that Katie could think about! Katie's mother was right, her daughter had a cunt that was constantly craving relief, and Katie loved having orgasms with Jerry's penis in her mouth! Jerry looked forward to their little trysts almost as much as Katie did, because how often did you find a beautiful girl who wanted to suck your cock to completion each and every day!!! The only fly in the ointment, as far as Jerry was concerned, was that he really wanted to see what Katie looked like under her work clothes, and he also really wanted to stick his cock into her hot little pussy! The next day when Jerry broached the subject to Katie, he was happy to find out that she had been thinking along the same lines, that being that a hard fuck would be good for both of them! It was decided that they would both hang around after work until everyone else had left the job site and then get together in the cab of Jerry's grader. By four thirty Jerry and Katie were the only two people remaining on the deserted stretch of torn up highway, and after scrambling up the ladder into the spacious cab, they immediately began removing their clothing. Jerry's breath whistled out of his lungs when Katie slipped her 36d cup bra of her shoulders revealing a stunning pair of full breasts that were tipped with light pink nipples. "My god, Katie," he moaned while cupping the twin beauties, "they're the most extraordinary boobs I've ever seen in my life!!!" Katie cooed softly while Jerry handled her tits, her vagina becoming damp as his expert touch caressed her big melons, while Jerry's cock stood at attention as his eyes gobbled up the incredible body standing in front of him. Katie didn't trim her bush much so she had a thicket of dark brown hair springing out from her crotch that stood out starkly against her creamy white skin. While Jerry sat on the well cushioned seat, turned Katie around so that she was facing away him, and it was at this point that he had her sit down directly onto his erect shaft, easily penetrating her now dripping slit. Katie moaned loudly as each inch of cock disappeared inside of her molten love canal, her breathing becoming increasingly labored as she became more turned on. Jerry for his part couldn't believe how tight Katie's pussy was! The head of his cock felt like it was ready to blow of at any second due to the velvety friction that was being applied by the luxurious insides of Katie's cunt! Jerry reached up and cupped Katie's chest, softly tweaking her nipples as she rocked back and forth on Jerry's hard erection. With both of them were young and in perfect sexual condition, they raced to orgasm with no thought of trying to hold back to make the wonderful sensation last even a little longer. When it finally happened, Katie's vagina constricted hard, signaling Jerry's penis that it was time to spill its seed deep inside her shaking pussy. Both of them let out a yell as their sex organs released a days worth of pent up sexual tension, Jerry by erupting a load of sperm into her pussy, and Katie's cunt muscles contracting around the thickness of Jerry's big boner.

They slowly got dressed, occasionally stopping to touch the other's body with a quick caress. Jerry's cock began to stiffen when Katie slipped on her bra, and she laughingly told him he would have to wait until tomorrow for another session. Even though he was a little sad he couldn't have some more right then, he immediately brightened up at the prospect of having this beautiful creature tomorrow and every day after that! It was a good thing for him she always was a tomboy!!!




Blair Hutton wiped the sweat from her shaking hands and gingerly reached for the doorbell. She knew that what she was about to do was risky at best, and dangerous at the worst. Only yesterday morning she had been looking at the classifieds in the local under ground newspaper when her eye caught an intriguing ad, "Wanted, attractive woman to service me orally while my wife watches and maybe participates. All the oral sex you can handle. If interested, contact Eric at 555-3999." Immediately upon reading the ad, Blair's pussy began creaming her tight lace panties, her clit quickly coming to full throb! After a fast masturbation session, she dialed the number and made arrangements with a man named Eric to meet him the following afternoon at his home on the north side of town. Eric had given her only one requirement, that being that she was to wear a skirt and blouse with no panties. She had started to ask why, but thought better of it, and agreed to meet Eric sans her panties.

Now here she was, standing on his front stoop, and wondering if she had made a big mistake coming here! When she finally rang the buzzer, the door swung open and she was greeted by a very attractive blonde of about twenty five or so, probably about five years younger than herself. "You must be Blair," the blonde said excitedly, "come on in, my name is Vera, glad to meet you!" She ushered Blair into the study where a dark haired man of about forty was sitting at a desk doing paper work. Not even lifting his eyes in acknowledgment, he softly informed the two women that he would be with them in a moment, while tone of his voice let it be known that he didn't wish to be disturbed until he finished what he was doing. The aura that Eric exuded, his forceful yet quiet manner, made Blair's cunt grow damp, leaving a trail of juice along the length of her crack. She was definitely a submissive, and she got the distinct impression that Eric would be a stern taskmaster! Finally looking up from his ledgers, he gave Blair a once over that made her whole body shiver! Standing up and walking around the desk, he extended his hand and said, "I'm Eric, and you've already met my wife, Vera." "Isn't she just perfect," cooed Vera, "I'll bet she's wet already!!!" Eric just chuckled and then asked, "Well, Blair, are you wet yet!?!" Blair, not still sure about what her place was, just slowly nodded her head in the affirmative. Vera, practically jumping up and down like a five year old, begged Eric to let her have it first. He sighed, shook his head, and then gave her his permission. Vera dropped to her knees in front of Blair and slowly lifted her pleated skirt above her waist exposing her now dripping slit to both strangers. "Oh god, Eric," Vera moaned, "she has a lovely pussy, she has her lips shaved smooth, just like a baby's!!!" That was the last thing that Vera said, because an instant later her tongue was boring into Blair's bulging vaginal lips.

As soon as the tip of Vera's tongue snapped across her clit, Blair made an audible gasp as her wet pussy drooled cunt juice all over Vera's face. Blair was caught in a vortex of sexual excitement that was about to sweep her to a thunderous climax, but out of nowhere she heard Eric's soft but stern voice order Vera to cease her oral activity at once. Like a well trained dog, Vera immediately stopped sucking and reluctantly pulled her mouth from Blair's now burning pussy. "Come over here, Blair," Eric ordered, "and be quick about it!" Blair's skirt fell back into place and she hurriedly made her way over to Eric where stood before him with her head down, awaiting further instructions. "Why have you come here today, Blair," he asked softly? "So I could suck your hard penis," she answered with her head still bowed. "Are you ready to serve me now," he asked? "Yes, master, I am ready to be of your service," she replied! "On your knees," he said firmly, "and take it out, now!!!" Blair sunk to the plush carpeted floor, and reached out to unzip Eric's pants, her hands shaking slightly from the adrenaline that was rushing through her body! She slipped her hand inside of his trousers encountered an extremely hard penis that was straining to release itself from its cloth prison. With some difficulty, Blair maneuvered the big member out into the open air where it stood proudly at attention, pointing directly at Blair's hungry mouth! "What do you want, bitch," Eric asked harshly!?! "Oh, god," she practically begged, "please let me suck now!!!" Now teasing her unmercifully, he asked, "I don't know, do you think you deserve too???" "Oh, yes, master, I know I can make you happy," she pleaded, "just let me taste it a little!!!" A drop of precum hung from the head of the massive pecker, and before Eric had given his permission, her tongue snaked out and licked the big head clean! He immediately pulled back out of her range and threatened to send her away if she tried another stunt like that again. Blair apologized profusely, and begged Eric to give her another chance, while promising never to get ahead of herself again. After several moments of contemplation, Eric moved his cock back in front of Blair's open mouth and said, "Okay, bitch, let's see what you've got!!!"

Blair was in a state of sexual intoxication as the large head of Eric's cock slipped into her open mouth. Ever since she was a teenager and she sucked her first dick in the back seat of her boyfriend's car, Blair had the almost insatiable need to have erections in her mouth! At the present time she was between boyfriends, and after seeing Eric's ad in the paper, she was so driven by her need for oral sex, that she was willing to take the chance of meeting a total stranger! With the large head filling her mouth, she was ecstatic that her basic needs were now being fulfilled. Although she wasn't bisexual, if it meant taking care of Eric's wife, Vera, she would gladly do it to get her fill of hard pecker in her mouth! Eric had been sucked by hundreds of avid cocksuckers, but even he had to admit that Blair was close to being in a class by herself, because in a matter of minutes, she had brought him dangerously close to the edge of orgasm. Blair could always tell when a stud was ready to feed her, and Eric was no exception. As his nut sac tightened up, Blair could sense that the big erection had ever so slightly achieved a more intense hardness, a sure sign that she was about to receive a sperm milkshake! The loud groan that escaped from Eric's lips confirmed what Blair already knew, and seconds later her mouth was being jetted with blast after blast of the sweet nectar from deep inside Eric's balls! When the first spurt hit her throat, Blair felt a hand slip under her skirt and caress the wet lips of her vagina. Blair's own cunt convulsed as Vera's finger quickly found her erect clit and commenced giving her a fast hard fingering! Her own orgasm was flooding Vera's hand while Eric's penis filled her mouth with white hot cum! "My god," thought Blair, "I'm getting relief from both of them!"

While both Blair and Eric needed a little time to recuperate, Vera, on the other hand, was dripping wet and hot as a fire cracker! "Please, Eric," she begged, "let her suck me off, please, I need it so badly!!!" Eric glanced over at his wife, who by now had stripped off her panties and hiked up her skirt around her waist. She looked absolutely obscene with her legs spread wide apart and her cunt lips gaping open, as if they were pleading to be either fucked or eaten. "Okay, bitch," Eric ordered, "take care of her, now!!!" Blair slid across the floor to the now almost delirious woman and let her mouth come to rest on Vera's open crotch, causing her whole body shake as Blair's talented tongue licked up and down the length of her dripping crack. "Christ," moaned Vera, "she's even better than I had hoped for, I'm already gonna cum!!!" She looked over at her husband, who by now was getting another erection while watching his young wife getting her hot snatch devoured by this female sexual athlete, and just the sight of his hardon coupled with the intense oral persistence, resulted in a freight train like climax tearing through her helpless cunt like and express train at rush hour! When it was finally over, Vera lay back like a sack of potatoes, completely disheveled with a trickle of saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth.

< To Blair, sucking off Vera was like doing penance, the result being a second chance at sucking off Eric's big cock. He didn't even have to ask, she just slowly turned around and opened her mouth waiting. This was what she lived for, and it was about to be provided!!!




It was hidden in a cellar of an old abandon mansion about a mile out side of the city limits. No one ever bothered visiting the old Quartermane place anymore, a ramshackle collection of farm buildings dominated by a huge old barn and a house three or four times the size of any in found town. Unoccupied for at least fifty years, hardly anyone left could even remember anyone ever having lived there, and when the wind would blow, strange sounds echoed from the holes and cracks in the tired old walls, which was just about enough to discourage even the bravest kid to go to poking around the place. It was a lucky thing too, because what was lurking in that dank basement was as close to the devil incarnate as you could find on earth! On a old solid oak table lay a figure that appeared to be dead, neither breathing or moving, it just lay there as if it were in a deep sleep. As sunset fell, and the shadows of the evening crossed the night sky, the figure on the table as if by magic began to move as its lungs filled with air and it came alive, rising up and in an instant turning into a bat and flying through a small broken window pane and into the night sky!!!

The full moon shone brightly in the late September sky as the black shape shot through the night air, making a bee line for the small town of Four Corners. It's nostrils flaring, the winged mammal could detect the scent of a sleeping female at more than one hundred yards. Diving and darting between the houses, the over powering aroma of a delicious woman wafted out of an open window, and the bat deftly flew through the small opening and into the dark bedroom. As if by osmosis, the foot wide bat turned back into a towering six foot four inch vampire. Dressed in a dark black suit, with a long black cape draped over his shoulders, August Quartermane stared down at the sleeping woman and let a low animal like growl rumble deep in his chest. Marie Timmons was immediately awakened by the noise, and as her eyes slowly came into focus, she could clearly see the outline of a large figure standing next to her bed. She tried to scream, but no sound would come from her mouth, she seemed frozen, unable to say or do anything to defend herself. It was as if some strange power had filled the room, making it impossible for her to even so much as move a muscle! August Quartermane lifted his arms, with the cape forming a tent over the body of the terrified woman. Slowly bending down, he bared his teeth, the two large canines glistening in the moon light as he bit into the neck of his shocked prey. While a vampire gains sustenance from the blood of his victims, there is always a strong undercurrent of sexual excitement in both the vampire and his conquest, and in the case of Marie Timmons, the second the razor sharp teeth penetrated her neck, her vagina flooded with her own juices and she erupted with and involuntary orgasm. After several minutes of feeding, Quartermane lifted the nightgown of the now docile woman and quickly mounted her and entered her pussy with his incredible manhood. In only seconds, Marie was having her second orgasm in that last five minutes, this one even more powerful than the first. A serene feeling had taken her over, as she now realized that she was one with him, and would be his for all eternity. He stood up over her again, still not having said a word, extending his hand to help her to her feet. He stripped off her nightgown so that she was totally naked, and in an instant, they were both off through the open window, silently gliding through the air, looking for another victim.

Minutes later A.G.(August Quartermane) and Marie were standing over the sleeping form of an eighteen girl whose fitful slumber was about to be interrupted by the two ravenous blood suckers. Marie, knowing her place, waited as A.G. surveyed the situation. She had an overwhelming desire to drink the blood of the defenseless girl, but almost as strong was her need to orally partake of the young beauty! A.G., still not saying a word, leaned over and bit deeply into her neck, instantly stunning his victim into submission. After drinking his fill, he stood back and let Marie feast on the red nectar dripping out of the two small puncture holes in the young girl's neck, while feeling Marie's gaping pussy with his hand. The teenager's eyes were now wide open, but she neither screamed or tired to resist in any way when Marie slid back the covers, spread her legs, and then proceeded to stick her tongue into the tight little vagina. The young girl couldn't help herself, she was caught in a sexual grip that was relentlessly squeezing her tighter and tighter. Never in her whole life had she felt so feminine and in need of sexual gratification! Her eyes focused on the towering vampire, but she felt no fear, only the over powering need to sexually gratify him if she was asked to, or the woman who was now partaking of her dripping pussy! Kari, the girl being eaten by Marie, felt her vagina contracting as the relentless tongue probed the length of her slit. Her orgasm was like nothing she had ever experienced before, so deep and fulfilling, that her whole being was climaxing along with her throbbing clitoris. Marie stood up next to the bed with her legs splayed wide open exposing her bulging vulva. Kari instinctively knew that she was to satisfy had to satisfy this dripping pussy, and eagerly placed her mouth on the erect clit at the top of the crack. In the back of her mind she realized that this woman had the biggest clitoris she had ever seen, and while her tongue caressed the head of the giant organ, she dropped her hand to her own pussy and felt her own clit, which also seemed to have grown to huge proportions. As Marie came in her mouth, Kari sensed that from now on all she would care about would be her need for blood and the sexual gratification of her now engorged clit!

Flying at breath taking speed, the two women followed August Quartermane back to the dark basement just before the sun began to rise in the east. Both women stood before him, naked, and ready to do what ever bidding he desired. Both of them, now with a heightened awareness of smell, could sense the powerful sexual aroma coming directly from A.Q.'s crotch, their cunts dampening immediately at the prospect of being taken by their dominant host, and as if by telepathy, both of them leaned across the large table with their legs spread and their pussies open and exposed. Marie was the first to be impaled by the rock hard cock sticking out of the blackness of his crotch, and her guttural scream could be heard miles away as her body shook in orgasmic delight. Kari, now in a state of absolute sexual frenzy, waited impatiently for her turn at being fucked by the voracious blood sucker. When finally he rammed his piston deep into her wide open organ, she clawed at the top of the table, leaving deep gouges in the hard wood with her sharp finger nails! Both women were now hardly more than animals, being driven by their desire for blood and sex! Just as a lion must kill every day to sustain its life, Maire and Kari must drink blood and sexually gratify themselves on their helpless victims! Now always naked, with their vaginas bulging in anticipation of sexual release, the two women fly every night with August Quartermane, searching out their prey, and then feasting on the blood and pussies that drive their very existence!!!




Casandara Wilcox stepped out of the shower and stared at her image being reflected back to her in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Most women would kill to possess the feminine attributes Cassie took for granted, large heavy breasts, a flat wash board stomach, long lean legs, a tight but full bottom, a lovely face framed by medium length brown hair, and of course a large lipped succulent vagina! After twenty three years, however, Cassie still sometimes broke down crying when she gazed into the mirror, because there was something extra that she wished to death she didn't have, but still dominated her life. Resting just above her vagina, where on most women would be a vee of pubic hair, was a fully operational penis!!! Unfortunately for Cassie she was one of the tiny minority that was born with both a set of male and female sex organs, and while no one besides her parents and doctors had ever seen her naked, if Cassie had anything to say about it, no one else ever would either!!! Her body reeked of sensuality, and Cassie was constantly being approached by some of the most handsome and eligible bachelors in the city, but except for a few totally platonic dates, she would invariably have to end any relationship before it even started. The thought of never having a family, or having an intimate relationship with another person made her sad and very lonely, and though her parents were very understanding, they were of little help now that she was out on her own, and her phone conversations with them seemed to be getting even harder to handle. She desperately needed someone to talk to, a friend she could confide in, but alas, there was no one she could trust.

There was a new girl in the office that had started work about a month ago, and while at first Cassie thought she was a little too out going, Jackie finally broke through Cassie's defenses and got her to meet for after work drinks. Cassie was pleasantly surprised to find out that she really enjoyed being with Jackie, and soon the two of them were inseparable, going to the movies, having dinners out together, and doing the myriad of things friends do with each other. As they became closer, Cassie wondered if maybe, just maybe, that Jackie would be the one person she could talk to about her "problem"? What brought it all to a head was when Jackie questioned her about why a beautiful girl like her didn't seem to have a social life with a man. Cassie was trying to explain when she all at once broke down in tears and said between her sobs, "It's because I'm a freak, no one would ever want me, even my parents don't really want me around!!!" Jackie was a little stunned to hear something like that from what seemed like a normal young woman and so she replied, "What in the world are you talking about Cass, you look fine to me!?!" It was at this point that Cassie decided it was now or never, so she stood up, unbuttoned her jeans, kicked them off, and then slowly removed her panties!!! Jackie's jaw almost hit the floor when she saw the cock and balls hanging from Cassie's crotch! "My god, Cass," she stammered, "you're a guy, I think!!!" "You think so, Jackie," asked Cassie, as she lifted her male genitalia out of the way exposing her pussy to her stunned friend?!? "W-what's going on here," Jackie mumbled, "it looks like you have a set of both!?!" "I do," Cassie replied quietly before the torrent of tears burst from her eyes! Even though Jackie was unsure of exactly what she was seeing, she still had strong feelings for her friend and rushed over to give her a hug. Cassie buried her face in Jackie's shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably, sure that her friend would never understand, and walk out on her! After several more minutes of emotionalism, Jackie finally got Cassie to calm down and tell her the whole story. Jackie listened intently as Cassie poured out her heart, telling her of the years of shame and fear that someone would find out her secret, and after she had finished her story, Cassie let out a deep breath and said, "It feels so good to finally get it off my chest, you can't imagine how long I've thought about this moment!!!"

Jackie reached out and patted her friend on the arm and replied, "Is it all right if I ask you a question?" Cassie nodded in the affirmative and Jackie dove right in with, "When you get turned on, I mean excited, you know what I mean, do you get hard and wet all at the same time???" "Yeah," Cassie replied, "it's unreal, but I can feel both my cock and my pussy desiring to be satisfied!!!" "My pussy just creams all over the place, while my cock gets hard as a rock!!!" "Can you ejaculate," questioned Jackie, "I mean can you shoot cum?!?" "Oh sure, that's no problem at all," continued Cassie, "I can cum like a man or a woman, and both feel wonderfully fulfilling!" "Is it okay if I have another look, I didn't get much of a chance to see it before," asked a now very curious Jackie? Cassie sat down on the sofa and spread her legs wide apart, so that Jackie could inspect her dual purpose crotch. "Wow," opined a fascinated Jackie, "both sets look completely natural!!!" "The only difference is that my cock is only about four and a half inches long when erect," offered Cassie, "but my cunt is exactly like anyone else's!" "May I touch you," Jackie almost begged, "it is really erotic looking?!?" Except for the doctors and her mother, no other human being had ever touched Cassie's crotch, and she felt and electric charge jolt through her body at the thought of someone touching her in a sexual way, so she excitedly answered, "Sure, go ahead, I would like that!!!" Before Jackie's hand could even make contact, Cassie's pecker began to noticeably stiffen. "My god, Jackie," Cassie moaned, "no one has ever touched me like that before, and it feels unbelievable!" Before Cassie could utter another word, Jackie leaned over and took the little cock into her mouth and sucked on it hard, causing Cassie to darn near pass out from excitement! "Oh my, god," Cassie moaned, "you do that so well, finger my pussy too, it's dying to be touched!" Jackie didn't need anymore encouragement, and quickly buried two fingers into the dripping cunt of her dual sexed friend! In less than a minute, Cassie was emptying her load into the hot mouth of her cocksucker friend, who swallowed every drop like it was the last sperm on earth!

Jackie stood up and with out a word removed all of her clothing, revealing a full lush womanly body. Cassie's pecker began to harden at the sight of the erotic creature in front of her, and she offered no resistance when Jackie helped her take off her shirt and bra, leaving both women totally naked. "I want you to fuck me with your pecker," ordered Jackie, "I'm hot as a fucking fire cracker!!!" "Top or bottom," asked Cassie??? "I want you to ride me," replied Jackie, "so I'll take the bottom!!!" Jackie quickly lay down with her legs wide apart and her arms out in an open invitation to her hermaphrodite lover! Cassie slid between Jackie's full thighs and let her pecker find the opening to Jackie's dripping cunt, where upon she drove it in with a sudden plunge that made Jackie almost scream with ecstasy! This was the first time that Cassie had actually fucked another woman, and it was unreal how slick the inside of Jackie's pussy felt on her pecker! Both women now were in a state of sexual heat, and their genitals now were in total control of the situation!!! With their large chests squishing together, Jackie met each one of Cassie's thrusts with one of her own, until Cassie couldn't hold back any longer and jetted a load deep inside Jackie's pussy, which resulted in her own orgasm tearing through her hairy cunt, leaving her a total wreck opn top of her hot pussied friend!!!

In the after glow of hot sex, Jackie commented, "I want you to save your pussy-cock for only me!!!" Cassie leaned over and gave her friend a deep kiss and replied, "Only for you babe, only for you!!!"




Erica Daniels was dead tired, and all she wanted was a hot shower and a good nights sleep! A full day of meetings with designers and financial officers had left her totally spent. She always hated coming to New York, not only because of the endless traffic jams, but because it always seemed like every thing was fast, fast, fast with never an opportunity to just take it easy! At least she was in a good hotel with all the amenities, cuz she was going to order room service rather than fight her way through a restaurant crowd. She picked up the phone and dialed eight, in a few second she was being connected with the kitchen where she ordered a Caesar Salad and a hamburger rare. "Twenty minutes," she replied, "good, I'm famished!" With twenty minutes before her food was to arrive, Erica had just enough time to take her shower, so she stripped off her clothing and started the water running, testing it periodically to see if it was the correct temperature. When she was satisfied that it was, she stepped under it and let the needle like jets massage her aching muscles. The combination of drowsiness and the hot water beating down on her 42dd cup breasts caused her vagina to dampen in sexual anticipation! She really wished that she had a steady sexual partner, but with her job taking up most of her time, she never really had much of a chance to meet anyone. Another problem, at least in her eyes, was that although she was fairly attractive, she was quite a bit over weight and was extremely self conscious about her body, and at 5'5" tall and 190 pounds, she wouldn't be winning any swim suit contests! As the water cascaded over her voluptuous form, her hand dropped between her legs and found her hard clit waiting impatiently for some attention. She was just about to begin a quick masturbatory session when she heard a knock on her door and the voice of a young man calling out, "room service!" Erica reluctantly turned off the shower, put on her robe, and went to answer the door.

"Just put it on the table," Erica ordered the young waiter, while she looked through her purse for a couple of dollars for a tip. As she fumbled around inside her pocket book, she didn't even notice that the top of her robe had slipped open revealing her massive chest all the way down to her big nipples. When she finally looked up, she could see that he was boldly staring directly at her boobs, not even making a pretense of being embarrassed. He was taking a real chance, but after sizing up the situation he opined directly, "Nice tits, baby, wanna let me see the rest of you!?!" Erica was totally flabbergasted not only at his directness, but that she could feel her pussy becoming drenched with juice at his insolent manner!!! "Thank you, no," she stammered, "and I'll be reporting you to your superiors about this little incident young man!!!" He just smirked, and then with almost lightning speed his hand snapped out and jerked the robe off her body exposing her plump form to his hungry eyes! "Oh, baby," he said soothingly, "you gotta let Tommy have some of that pussy!!!"

Momentarily stunned, she didn't even react when he cupped her big tits and lifted a thick nipple to his lips and sucked on it greedily! A long moan from deep in her throat was all the invitation he needed to press his advantage and push the older woman on to the bed while spreading her legs wide apart. Her dark curly bush couldn't hide the fact that her vagina was in a state of high sexual agitation, and needed some immediate relief! By now all Erica wanted was to have an orgasm, and if this crude young man could give it to her, well, that was just fine with her!!! Tommy began stripping of his uniform, but never letting his eyes stray from the hot cunt that was drooling just inches away him. Erica waited anxiously for him to get off his cloths so he could stick his pecker inside of her needy cunt, and when at last he jerked off his boxer shorts, Erica was pleasantly surprised to find that he had a very nice dick indeed, at least seven inches long and very thick!!! She pushed her cunt out towards him, and open invitation for him to take her, but instead of mounting her, however, he walked around to the side of the bed and let his hard cock quiver above her open mouth like an over size lollipop. He didn't even have to ask, she just naturally took it into her mouth and sucked him off. "God, he tasted good," she thought, while swirling her tongue all over his smooth head, inducing him to a quick hard orgasm that flooded her mouth with spurt after spurt of hot sperm! He groaned as his cock jerked in her mouth, while releasing its life giving nourishment down the bitch's hot throat until he finally pulled out of her, his cock now semi erect and covered with saliva and cum. Her eyes were shining with lust, and she reached out and caressed his cock and balls until he was again fully erect and ready for her hairy cunt!

Tommy climbed between Erica's thick thighs and sneered, "I'm gonna give you some real room service now, bitch," and he then proceeded to drive his hard spike all the way to the hilt inside her steaming box!!! She let out a muffled scream and begged him to fuck her harder. "My fucking god, you're so fucking good, oh please, do it harder, oh christ, fuck me harder!!!" Hearing her beg for more drove the twenty year old into a fucking frenzy, and he slammed his meat in and out of her hairy fuck hole like a sledge hammer driving a rail road spike while all of the long months of frustration that had been welling up in Erica's pussy came bubbling to the surface!!! It had been so long since she felt the stiff power of a hard pecker, and it was the most wonderful feeling in the world, being fucked senseless by a hard young cock!!! Erica's cunt muscles gripped tightly to the hard pounding invader, until finally it convulsed and shuddered in a mind blowing orgasm, while Tommy's pecker, feeling it's slick sheath constricting around it, spasmed hard and then spewed a huge load of cum deep inside the shaking pussy!

Tommy let his cock rest inside Erica's pussy for a minute or two and then rolled off her and lay beside her on the bed, still half way stunned from the brutally vicious fuck they had just enjoyed together! Tommy glanced at his watch and leaped to his feet saying, "Oh my god, I've got five other deliveries to make, I hope you don't mind if I "eat and run"?!?" Erica just laughed and replied, "Tommy, I'm the one who ate, and you're the one who's running!!!"




"I'm sorry, Miss Ross," the conductor explained, "I know you have a reservation for a private berth, but due to over booking all we have left is a compartment for two. Your berth mate is a very attractive young woman , so we hope you can see your way clear to accept these alternate accommodations at no cost to you of course!" The train was about to leave the station and Melanie Ross was just finding out that her reservation on the Overland Chief from Chicago to Seattle was not being honored because of some stupid bureaucratic bungling! She had hoped to spend her travel time alone in her room reading and sleeping, but now that would be quite impossible, so with an obvious look of disgust on her face, Melanie grudgingly accepted the conductor's offer and stowed her luggage in her berth and headed off to the observation car for a drink. After several high balls, Melanie began to relax and tried to put the incident with the conductor behind her. It wouldn't do any good to mope about it, and she was saving a bundle of cash on the deal, so why not make the best of a bad situation!!! The drinks had not only calmed her down, but they also had made her quite drowsy, so after rising to her feet on slightly unsteady legs, Melanie made her way back to her berth for an afternoon nap. Sliding open the compartment door, Melanie was surprised to find her traveling partner in their room unpacking her suitcase. The conductor had been right, she was a very attractive young woman, whom Melanie guessed to be about twenty four or five years old. After stepping into the room, she extended her hand and said, "I'm Melanie Ross, I guess we'll be sharing a compartment together!" The younger woman accepted Melanie's hand and replied, "My name is Nancy Perkins, but everyone calls me Nan, I took the upper berth if that's okay with you, I had the upper bunk back home as a little girl, and I'm used to sleeping up in the air!" "No problem," replied Melanie, "since I have about twenty years on you, I just as soon not have to climb all the way up there!!!"

Nan laughed at Melanie's little joke and then returned to her task of unpacking her clothes. When she was finished she asked Melanie, "Do you mind if I take a quick shower, I feel pretty grimy after carrying that heavy suitcase in this heat?" "No, go right ahead," answered Melanie, "I'm just going to lie down and take a nap until dinner!" Melanie slid into her bunk and was about to turn her back to the room when out of the corner of her eye she saw Nan stripping out of her things right in the middle of the compartment!!! Trying to act as natural as possible, Melanie watched the young woman until she was standing there totally nude! Nancy Perkins had an incredible body, long and lean, with not a hint of fat, and a classic pair of breasts, 34b Melanie guessed, and a dark brown triangle of fur between her taut thighs. A very unaware Nan looked at Melanie and said, "I'll just be a few minutes, and then you can have it!" Melanie, trying to act nonchalant replied, Take your time, I won't need one until bedtime!" While listening to the water gushing from the shower head in the bathroom, Melanie couldn't help thinking about the naked form of her room mate and how it was making her pussy damp!!!

Melanie had just dozed off when the bathroom door burst open and out pranced a dripping wet Nan drying her short dark hair. "It's all yours, hon," Nan bubbled, her naked body dripping still dripping wet from her shower! Melanie was now staring openly at Nan's body, but for some reason she didn't care whether Nan saw her or not! Nan noticed the look on Melanie's face and said, "What's the matter, am I offending you!?!" "Not at all," Melanie almost too quickly responded, "I was just admiring your excellent physical condition!" Nan took that as a real compliment and did a fast pirouette, giving Melanie a better look at her whole body and then replying, "You look in pretty good shape yourself, I'll bet even better than me!!!" "Oh, not a chance," retorted Melanie, "I have a few sags here and there, but I'm not as young as I used to be!!!" "Oh come on," rejoined Nan, "just look at you, you're perfect!!!" Before Melanie could answer, Nan had grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet and as she was taking off Melanie's dress said, "The only way to be sure is to compare ourselves side by side!" Melanie stood slightly stunned while the young woman proceeded to removed her clothing until she was totally naked and then said, "See, I told you so you're perfect!" Melanie's nipples immediately stood at attention while Nan checked out her body. "My, my, don't we have large breasts here," commented Nan, and then calmly reaching out, she cupped them gently in her hands, softly twisting Melanie's erect nipples. A low moan gurgled in Melanie's throat, which brought a light chuckle from Nan and the comment, "Like that do you, well how do you like this," as she dropped a hand to Melanie's drooling pussy and stuck a finger in her gaping hole?!? "Melanie gasped when the digit connected with her clit, causing her to grab onto Nan's shoulder for support as her legs grew a little rubbery! Melanie hadn't uttered a single word, not counting her loud panting, until she begged, "Please, Nan, suck my tits, let me nurse you, please!!!" Melanie took one of her large breasts into her hand and lifted it towards Nan's face, offering a nipple to her hungry mouth while gasping, "God, you're a good tit sucker," while the young girl worked over her nipple like there was no tomorrow! The combination of mouth on nipple and finger in cunt was too much for Melanie to bear, and her cunt contracted hard several times, inducing a numbing climax to flow through her trembling body! As her legs becoming even more unsteady, Melanie used Nan almost like a fireman's pole, and slid slowly to the floor of the compartment, feeling different parts of Nan's anatomy as she went until she was finally sitting on the floor at Nan's feet.

"Mama feel better now," Nan asked in a little girl's voice? Melanie simply nodded her head, and she watched while Nan sat down on the low berth and spread her legs wide apart, giving her an almost obscene look at her wet pussy. Giving Melanie the "come here sign" with her index finger, Melanie slid over between Nan's open legs, where upon Nan took her head in her hands and guided her mouth to her aroused vagina. This was almost surreal because Melanie had never before had a lesbian encounter, but here she was, with a complete stranger, on the floor tonguing her first pussy and loving every second of it!!! Just incredible!!! Melanie had since released Melanie's head, and was now leaning back on her elbows, and thrusting her cunt forward into Melanie's insistent mouth! "That's a girl," she said soothingly, "mama makes her baby's pussy feel sooooo nice!!!" Even though she had never had the pleasure of sucking a pussy before, from her own personal experience Melanie knew exactly how a woman liked to be eaten, so she spent the first few minutes running her tongue up and down the length of Nan's crack, until she was practically begging for some clitoral attention. It was at this point that Melanie practically attacked Nan's little nub with a furious assault of nibbling and licking that resulted in Nan involuntarily closing her legs around Melanie's head as her orgasm ripped her throbbing cunt to pieces!

Nan flopped back on the bunk loudly panting, while Melanie gave her crotch little kisses all over her puffy lips and the inner part of her smooth thighs. When Nan had composed herself, she stretched out her arms to Melanie and pulled her up on the bed to her, where upon she promptly gave Melanie and deep French kiss, probing her mouth with her wet tongue. Finally breaking away, Nan asked contentedly, "Exactly how far is it to Seattle, anyway!?!" Melanie snuggled up next to her new lover and replied softly, "Just far enough, just far enough!!!"




Barbara Walker hurried up the steps of Central High, flung open the front door, and proceeded directly to the principal's office. She was greeted with a hearty good morning from Mrs. Bruner, the front desk supervisor and receptionist for Principal Bradley. "What have I got today," asked Barbara, hoping that it wouldn't be another math class?!? "Ah, let me see," replied Mrs. Bruner, as she scanned a list of absent teachers, "yes, here it is, you sub for Matt Kearny in English Literature, room 231!" "Thanks," Barbara answered gratefully, "at least it's not math!" Barbara climbed the single flight of stairs to the second floor and found room 231 down the hall and to the right. When she entered the classroom, most of the students were already there, mostly milling around and exchanging small talk with each other. At 8:47 the final bell rang and all the student took their assigned seats, dutifully waiting for Barbara to begin the class. Just as she was launching into the lesson on Chaucer, the door to the hall way swung open and in sauntered Deke Banyon, as if he didn't have a care in the world!!!

Barbara put down her lesson plan and waited for Deke to take his seat, and after he was seated, she looked at the seating chart to find out his name, and then asked, "A little trouble getting out of bed this morning Mr. Banyon!?!" Deke, with a look of total boredom, replied insolently, "Naw teach, no problem at all!!!" The class tittered at Deke's response and Barbara felt her cheeks turning red at being embarrassed by the young hoodlum. She stepped forward a few paces and retorted, "You and I will talk this over right after school, and don't even think about not showing up, or Principal Bradley will hear about it!!!" Deke feigned a yawn but agreed to drop in after school, so Barbara went back to her lesson and the class continued on with no further incidents. The day seemed to fly by, and Barbara had completely forgotten that Deke Banyon was coming in after school, and it wasn't until she heard a knock on the door jam that she remembered their appointment. "Come in Deke," she offered, "and please sit down," while motioning to the desk in the middle of the front row. Deke slouched down in the seat and let his legs protrude forward in a major display of insolence. Barbara was about to reprimand him when she couldn't help but notice the large bulge in the front of his jeans! "My god," she thought, "he has a hardon and isn't even trying to hide it, of all the nerve of this boy!!!" "Now what did you wanna see me about," a very cock sure Deke said suavely? Momentarily flustered at the sight aroused penis in the young man's pants and his mouthy attitude, Barbara stumbled for something to say. "Cat got your tongue, teach," the eighteen year old malcontent said insolently, "or are you more interested in seeing what's in here," as he patted the front of his crotch!?! A shocked Barbara stammered, "Well I never!!!" "That's right teach, you probably never have," Deke replied while laughing at her obvious discomfort! "Y-you can't talk to me that way young man," she spat, "I've a good mind to send you straight to the office!!!" "Yeah, yeah," Deke yawned, while standing up, "let me show you what a real man has for you," as Barbara looked on in absolute horror as Deke Banyon proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his erection!

When it was free of its denim prison, it stood up hard an proud, with a large purple head that looked satiny smooth. Now stepping up very close her, Deke took her hand and put it directly on his raging hardon and whispered into her ear, "Come on baby, give Deke a little head, you know you want it!!!" Barbara's head was spinning out of control, she wanted to slap Deke's face and run out of the room screaming, but on the other hand, the huge pecker felt absolutely alive in her fist, and she could feel her pussy drench while holding on to the beautiful fuck pole! She felt two strong hands on her shoulders pushing her down to her knees, and while offering little or no resistance, in a matter of seconds her mouth was just inches from the large smooth head. Leaning forward just slightly was all it took, and Barbara slowly opened up and took the thick member gingerly into her warm mouth! "My god,"she thought, "what am I doing, I could go to jail for this!!!" Wanting desperately to pull away, Barbara still couldn't help herself and sucked Deke's pecker even harder, trying to induce the young man to blow his load quickly into her mouth! As mouthy and self assured as he was, Barbara was still sure that he had little or no ability to control his ejaculation, and right on cue he emptied his balls into her mouth with torrents of hot cum which she greedily swallowed down in two gulps! All her adult life Barbara had been a true cocksucker, always swallowing the cum from the hard pricks of the men in her life, and Deke was no exception, he was just another large cock to be sucked off!!! Sheepishly Barbara got to her feet and was about to put an end to all this nonsense when Deke pinned her up against the wall and stuck his hand up under her dress and began fondling her vagina through her cotton panties! "Please no," she said weakly, but spread her legs even further apart so the young stud had a better angle at attacking her pussy! She knew that it was inevitable now, she was going to get fucked!!!

"Wow, bitch," he marveled, "this is the hairiest cunt I've ever seen, I'm gonna really enjoy plowin' this field!!!" "You have a filthy mouth, young man," Barbara managed to stammer, but her actions spoke much more loudly than her words, and she reached out and guided the thick piece of cock flesh to the opening of her twat. Deke laughed at her and replied, "Oh yeah, baby, you're real upset with me aren't you, so upset that you're puttin' my cock into your snatch all by your self!!!" Barbara wasn't quite prepared for what happened next, because once the head of the 18 year old's prick barely entered her pussy, he lurched forward with a vicious thrust that almost made her pass out!!! It was a mixture of pain and pleasure blurred together that was taking her to sexual heights she had never reached before! Deke sensed that the slut teacher was in love his cock, so he jammed his male gristle even harder and faster into her molten love box until both of them were on the verge of blinding orgasms. Barbara was delirious with lust, and wrapped her legs around Deke's waist trying to force his prick in even farther! There was something about fucking a woman who was really into it, and this bitch was into it in spades!!! The female orgasm is a complicated thing, but when it comes time to let loose, the first thing that usually occurs is the hard contraction of the vaginal walls around a hard pumping penis. This case was no different, and Barbara's pussy convulsed hard and gripped Deke's pecker for all it was worth, which of course signaled his pecker to shoot its load hard, fast, and deep into the bitch's hot cunt! Barbara let out a loud long moan, and Deke spewed out a string of gutter expletives as his orgasm timed itself perfectly with hers.

After getting the fucking of her life, Barbara tried to regain a little bit of self esteem by chiding Deke to please get to class on time! He looked over at her and replied, "Oh, no, you gonna keep me after school again, well maybe I'll just be late again tomorrow, I need to be punished, I'm such a bad boy!!!"




Afton groaned and rolled over trying to ignore the insistent buzzing of her snooze alarm. She glanced at the clock one more time, just to make sure that it really was seven o'clock, but the red glowing digits on the night stand indicated that now it was seven-o- two and counting! She stretched out, trying to get the circulation moving through her body, and felt her white cotton bikini panties pressing hard against her bulging vulva. The mere pressure from the thin material was enough to flood her vagina with pussy juice, causing her to automatically slip her hand inside her undies and begin massaging her now throbbing clitoris. She sighed contentedly while her left middle finger flicked back and forth across the now erect little sex organ, while her right hand cupped one of her full breasts, occasionally twisting a distended nipple between her thumb and index finger. Lately her pussy had been so easily aroused that she had to masturbate a least twice a day to keep from going crazy! She was just about to cum, when her mother rapped loudly on her door and yelled for her to get up and at 'em! Afton struggled to reply that she was awake, when a tidal wave of pleasure swept through her, causing her teenage pussy to convulse in a numbing orgasm!!! After taking a moment or two to recover, she hopped out of bed and began getting ready for school, while thinking about her plans for the day.

The day passed by quickly until it was time for her sixth period gym class, and while Afton wasn't really big on sports, Miss Richards, the gym teacher, kept the class interesting by having a variety of activities for the students to sample. After class in the locker room, Miss Richards was passing by her stall and she stopped to ask Afton if her ankle was okay, since she had rolled it over while playing volleyball. Afton replied, "Oh, it's not too bad, it just hurt for a few minutes, nothing to worry about!" "Well," Miss Richards rejoined, "I want you to come to my office for a minute so I can give it one more look." Afton, in just her bra and panties, followed the teacher into her small cubby hole of an office at the far end of the locker room and sat down in the visitors chair and extended her left leg so Miss Richards could inspect it. "See," said the eighteen year old said, "no problem, it feels just fine!" Miss Richards was running her hand up and down the ankle and calf of the young girl, each time her hand moving a little higher until she was rubbing the inside of her thigh. Miss Richards continued her massage, and commented, "Sometime these sprains can even affect your calf and thigh muscles," and while Afton just sat there, she let the teacher rub higher and higher on her leg, even as she got closer and closer to her crotch! Afton's breathing became more shallow the longer the warm hands worked on her inner thigh, and once in a while one of them would brush against her bulging pussy. There was a definite line of moisture along Afton's crack that was showing through on her panties, and Miss Richards commented on how attractive Afton's vagina looked while covered by the white cotton panties. By now Afton was so aroused and in such dire need of sexual relief, she offered no resistance when Miss Richards let her fingers slip inside of her panties casuing Miss Richards to coo, "Oh my, Afton, you have a very wet vagina, are you in need of an orgasm, dear?!?"

Afton didn't answer, she just nodded her head "yes", and waited to see if her teacher would give her what she needed. Miss Richards told her to lift her hips, and in one swift motion removed the young girls panties, exposing her young pussy for her eager eyes to devour. "My god, girl," exclaimed Miss Richards, "do you know how puffed up your pussy lips are?!?" No one had ever looked at her pussy like Miss Richards was, and it turned her on even more knowing that another human being loved her pussy as much as she did, and what happened next was more than Afton could take, because Miss Richards leaned over and began tonguing her bulging pussy with her mouth!!! The second the long tongue connected with her clitoris, Afton had a huge orgasm, more satisfying and deeper than any she had experienced in her short life, and while she had read stories about oral sex, never in her wildest dreams had she thought that anything could ever have felt as wonderful or satisfying as that!

After coming down from her sexual high, Afton asked Miss Richards why she had chosen her, and not some other girl. "Because," Miss Richards answered, "last week I saw how puffy your vagina looked in your tight panties and I just had to try and get my mouth on it, are you glad I did?!?" "Oh, yes, it was great, just great," replied a very enthused Afton! Before she spoke again, Miss Richards seemed to be pondering her next question, but finally asked, "Would you mind if I showed you my vagina, it's very wet, and in need of some special attention!?!" Afton felt her pussy shiver at the thought of seeing the older woman's pussy, and eagerly answered in the affirmative! Standing up, Miss Richards slipped off her white gym skirt, and slowly slid her full panties down to her ankles, where she stepped out of them with one leg and gave them a kick with the other. Afton watched in total fascination as Miss Richards stood in front of her with her legs spread wide apart exposing her hairy pussy for the young girl to see!

"Do you like it," asked a nervous Miss Richards, "I hope you do, because I'm certainly getting flooded showing it to you!!!" "You're very bushy," Afton offered, "I've never seen one that hairy before, not even my mother!" "Let me sit down in my chair and spread wide for you, I think you can get a better look that way," continued Miss Richards. When she was seated with her legs spread wide, Afton could see the pink slit hidden amongst the thick growth of dark brown pubic hair accompanied by little beads of pussy juice clinging to the fur along her crack!!! Her lips were puffed out obscenely, giving every indication that her pussy was in a state of high sexual readiness!!! "What do you want me to do, Ma'am," asked Afton, who had begun to absentmindedly do her own clit? "C- could you suck me off, dear," Miss Richards asked in almost a begging voice, "I need it so badly, and you have such a pretty mouth!?!" Afton had never eaten a pussy before, but after what Miss Richards had done for her, she felt that turn about was fair play, so she slid off of her chair and put her mouth directly on Miss Richards hot pussy! Afton heard Miss Richards suck in a lung full of air as her tongue burrowed its way into her slit, which was quickly followed by a long loud moan, "Oh do me, dear, do your teacher's pussy like a good little cunt lapper!!!" Afton couldn't believe how intoxicating a wet vagina could be so she took several deep breaths just to inhale the aroma of fresh hot pussy! "Oh my," moaned Miss Richards, "mama is about to have a wonderful cum right in your mouth, oh please, lick mama harder!!!" Afton bored in even harder, making sure that Miss Richards' clit received plenty of attention inducing the shaking teacher to gasp, "Oh my, god, your eating my pussy and giving me a huge fucking orgasm, you little cunt sucking slut!!!" Afton's face was being drenched with Miss Richards' sex juice, and she grabbed Afton's head and held it tightly against her spasming vagina until her climax had passed!

Afton looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was already half way through the seventh period, and she exclaimed, "Oh, lordy, look at the time, I'm really late for my next class!!!" Miss Richards, while still caressing Afton's ass, replied languidly, "Don't worry about a thing, I can give you a pass saying I was treating your "sprained ankle"!!!" Upon hearing that, Afton relaxed a little, stood up, and offered her now dripping pussy to the older woman and said, "Well, if we've got the time.........."




It was the first time the twins had made to their aunt's house in over four years, and not since they were ten years old had they been back to Omaha to visit Aunt Meg, their mother's older sister. The train ride had been a real adventure for the two eighteen year olds since it was the first time they had ever traveled anywhere without their parents! Both Zack and Zoey had been a little nervous at the thought of traveling a thousand miles by themselves, but their fears quickly dissipated as they settled down in their seats and watched the scenery flashing by the large window. Before they pulled out of the station their mother had admonished them to stay in their seats, but it didn't take long after the train was barreling down the tracks that they were exploring every square inch of their new "playground"! When they finally pulled into the station in Omaha, they were bone tired and ready to get some sleep, and waiting for them on the platform was their aunt, ready to drive them to her home. As they rode along, Aunt Meg asked them how their trip had gone, how was her sister, and all the other questions relatives would ask after a long absence. Even though it was only two o'clock in the afternoon when they got to their aunts house, the twins were so tired, Aunt Meg showed them to their room and they quickly fell asleep.

At six sharp Aunt Meg knocked on the guest room door and roused the twins form their sleep. "Time for dinner, children," she sang out, "up and at 'em!!!" Both Zack and Zoey, still groggy from the long trip, came to the table sleepy eyed, but ready to eat a good home cooked meal. After the dinner dishes were washed and put away, the three of them sat down and watched a little television before bed time, until at nine o'clock Aunt Meg announced that it was time for baths and bed!!! The bathroom was at least twice the size of normal, and was dominated by a huge hot tub that sat over in the corner, already filled with hot water. "Okay, now the both of you, off with your clothes," ordered Aunt Meg!!! Zack and Zoey paused for a second, looked each other in the eye, shrugged their shoulders, and then slowly peeled off their things. Aunt Meg just stood there with her arms crossed, looking on approvingly at the naked bodies of her young visitors. "My, my," she commented softly, "you two have beautiful bodies, and Zoey, you have very pretty breasts and your vaginal lips are so puffy, and you Zack, you have a very lean and hard body with a much bigger penis than most boys your age!" Both twins turned red when they heard their aunt commenting on their body parts, and even though he was totally embarrassed, Zack immediately became erect while standing naked in front of his nude sister, and the roving eyes of his aunt! "Look Zoey," Aunt Meg enthused, "Zack has an erection, and look at how large it is!!!" Zoey had never seen an erect penis before, and even though she felt ashamed, she couldn't help but feel her vagina dampen at the sight of this strange new wonder! Aunt Meg went over to her and put her hand around her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Do you feel your pussy getting wet, dear, all women feel that way when they see and erect penis!!!" As she whispered in Zoey's ear, she let her hand slide up and cup the youngster's firm budding breast, squeezing it gently and softly twisting her now erect nipples. "Does that feel good," she asked Zoey, who by now was beginning to breathe shallowly as she became more and more sexually aroused!?! All Zoey could manage to do was nod her head yes as her vagina became soaked with pussy juice. Aunt Meg then led Zoey to the hot tub, and helped her climb over the side and into the hot soothing waters.

It was now time to turn her attention to her nephew, Zack, who was still standing all alone with a big hardon sticking out proudly from his crotch. Taking his erection in her hand, she asked, "Do you ever jerk your cock off thinking about naked girls!?!" Growing even redder, Zack barely above a whisper replied, "Yes, yes I do!" "That's very good, Zack," she rejoined, "it's good for a you to have orgasms thinking about young naked girls, a young man needs to ejaculate at least once a day to keep himself relaxed, now, get in the tub with your sister so I can bathe you both!" Zack quickly scampered into the tub, grateful to get the chance to hide his raging hardon under the warm water, but what happened next was a total shock to both of them, because right before their eyes, Aunt Meg began undressing slowly, putting on a striptease for the two youngsters! While they were both lean and hard, Aunt Meg was full and plush with just a hint of paunch on her tummy. Her breasts were huge, and they spilled out of her bra and hung proudly with two large nipples in the state of constant erection, while her pussy was covered with a dense forest of brown pubic hair that spread into a large vee above her wet slit. She stood in front of the tub, letting the twins drink in the sensuality her body, while cupping her large heavy breasts in her hands, and jutting her pussy out obscenely, wantonly displaying her most intimate parts of her body! Staring down at her two young visitors, she ordered them, "Okay, dears, please masturbate for your Auntie, show her how well you can cum for her!" Both twins, now in a complete daze, let their hands find their genitals, Zoey lasciviously rubbing her tiny clit, and Zack fisting his meat while staring at the full lush body of his aunt. Meg slipped over the side of the tub slid between the two teenagers, offering each one a large nipple to nurse on while jerking on their crotches. Meg leaned back an reveled in the feeling of having two young mouths planted firmly on her erect nipples, and soon she herself was using her middle finger on her now distended clitoris!

When it became apparent that Zack was about to shoot his load, Meg had him stand up so that she could take his firm penis into her mouth and milk it of all of its hot cum! Just before he entered her mouth, she turned to Zoey and said, "Watch me carefully, darling, some day soon you will probably let a boy put his cock in your mouth and you'll want to know how to satisfy him!!!" Zack's pecker was hard as a rock, and as soon as Aunt Meg let it slip into her mouth, he couldn't help himself and erupted a huge load into her greedy throat! He groaned loud and long as his cum jetted in hot spurts from the slit in the end of his pecker, and it was all Meg could do to swallow each and every drop of the creamy nectar! Zoey looked on in fascination and asked, "Does it taste bad!?!" "Oh no, dear," replied Meg quickly, "it tastes wonderful, once you try it, you'll want to suck a cock off at least once a day, and maybe more!!!" The two females continued masturbating together until it Zoey seemed ready to have her orgasm. Meg had her sit up on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide apart, so that she could easily put her mouth on the young girl's vagina. As soon as tongue and clit made contact, Zoey let out a shuddering moan as her cunt was consumed by a long hard climax. Zoey slid back into the tub, her cunt still throbbing from the hardest orgasm she had ever experienced!

Aunt Meg then took the two children in her arms and kissed each one softly on the cheek and said, "Auntie is so glad her niece and nephew came to visit, I hope you will enjoy your visit!!!" Neither one of the twins said a word, they each just took a large nipple into their mouths and sucked contentedly! That was all the answer Aunt Meg needed!!!


STORY # 10


It was late, way after midnight, and Dr. Holden Knight was attempting to be quiet so as not to wake up his wife as he undressed getting ready for bed. The moonlight streamed through the open window and cast a yellow glow upon the face of Miranda, his wife of ten years, and looking at her sleeping quietly, Holden couldn't help but think that he was the luckiest man on earth!!! Ten years ago, when he was forty one, a bright, beautiful coed took an unaccustomed interest in an older man, and as they say the rest is history! A whirlwind romance of six months, and Professor Holden Knight and Miranda Walker were wed on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the University Chapel. Being over twenty years her senior had never gotten in the way of their happiness, and in some ways it even enhanced their love life! The shear excitement of being with a younger woman was still a rush, and Holden never tired of seeing his bride of ten years removing her clothing, even if it was just to see her get into the bath tub!!! He still couldn't believe that such a beautiful creature had given him the time of day, but here she was, a woman who could have easily posed for Playboy magazine, in his bed and there for the taking!!! Not wishing to wake her up, he slid silently into bed and in minutes joined her dreamland.

Miranda Holden looked at the clock from a crack from under the covers, "Jeez louise," she said out loud, ten o'clock, I've got to get hustling," and like a shot she was out of bed and into the shower, the warm water cascading over her voluptuous body, the familiar warmth spreading through her crotch and finally centering on her now throbbing clitoris. Her finger instinctively found the little bud that had emerged from its sheath, and with her other hand twisting her hard nipples, Miranda Knight brought herself to a numbing orgasm. After a quick blow dry to her short black hair, she hurriedly dressed and was off to her luncheon date with her best friend, Sally Erickson.

The two young women settled into the large leather booth in the dimly lit restaurant and ordered their drinks. It was Miranda who spoke first when she said, "Sal, I got a real problem on my hands, and I just don't know where to turn!" Sally knew her friend well enough not to interrupt, so she sat quietly waiting for Miranda to spell out the details. "Ya know how much I love Holden, and I wouldn't do anything in the world to hurt him," she continued, "but I gotta tell ya, Sal, that for the past three weeks I've been having an affair!" Sally sat stunned, hardly able to speak, because Miranda was the last person on earth that she thought would stray! Finally collecting her thoughts, Sally replied, "Who, why, do I know him?!?" Miranda shook her head and answered, "No, you don't know him, and as for the why, well, how should I say this, well Holden is, uh, well, Holden isn't what you'd call good in the sack!!!" "Really," Sally asked in a surprised voice?!? "No, he isn't," retorted Miranda, "in fact I have trouble getting excited at all when we "do it"!" "Is it his technique," asked Sally, "or what?" "He tries hard," Miranda went on, "but he just doesn't have it where it counts, if you know what I mean?!?" "Oh, that," Sally nodded knowingly, "so he's not exactly John Holmes I take it?" "Hardly, Sal, he's barely Tiny Holmes!!!" "You gonna dump him," asked Sally? "I don't want to dump him," Miranda answered quickly, "I really love him, it's just that once in a while I want to hear the trumpets blaring and the rockets going off when I have sex, is that so wrong of me!?!" Sally reached over and covered her friend's hand and squeezed it softly and replied, "No, Randi, there's nothing wrong with that at all!"

Their drinks arrived and then Sally started asking all sorts of questions, starting with, who was he? "Miranda took a sip of scotch and replied, "You're not gonna believe this, but he's the kid that takes care of the lawn and landscaping at our house!!!" "You mean that gorgeous young guy I saw a couple of weeks ago," asked an incredulous Sally?!? "That's him," Miranda replied, "and he has all, how shall I say this, attributes a woman could want in a bed partner!!!" "Oh my," replied Sally, "tell me more, tell me more!!!" Miranda chuckled and went on, "Well, he's got a perfect body, with not and ounce of fat, and he's hung, Sal, oh god is he hung, he must be at least nine inches long and very thick!!!" "Wow," and impressed Sally intoned softly, "I've never even seen one that big, tell me, how does it feel inside you!?! "Unbelievable, Sal, just unbelievable, the first time he stuck it in me I had orgasm after orgasm while he slowly impaled me with it," she said dreamily, "by the time he got it all the way in, I never have felt so full and feminine in my life!!!" "There is just something about having a huge penis in you that makes you feel like a submissive pussy," she continued on, "and I have to admit that if he calls, I'll drop what ever I'm doing and go to him, just for the chance to see and feel his massive organ!!!"

"Is he really that good," asked Sally? "Sal," Miranda answered, "it's incredible, the first time we made love I felt like a real woman for the first time in my life!" "With Holden," she continued on, "I always felt like I was the dominant, but with Dean, that's his name, I almost feel like a little girl around him!" Sally leaned forward and looked around, as if to see if the coast was clear and whispered, "Do you take him in your mouth?!?" Miranda, with a dreamy look on her face replied, "Mmmmmm, yes, and is he ever sweet, when he shoots I can't even keep all of his cum in my mouth, and the head, my god it's so big, almost like a tennis ball!!!" "God you've got me so wet," Sally moaned, "I wish my Henry was exciting like that, when are you going to see him again?!?" "Next week, maybe," replied Miranda, "I certainly hope so, because I need it so bad!" All at once Sally stood up and ordered Miranda to follow her to the ladies room. A minute later they were alone in a stall and Sally was pulling up her skirt and sliding down her panties exposing a blonde muff that was obviously soaked with pussy juice! "You're nuts," Miranda said in a low husky voice, "anybody could just walk in on us!!!" "Then you better eat fast, hon," Sally shot back, "because you're the one who caused this!!!" Miranda knew that it was useless to argue, so she sat down on the seat and leaned her mouth into Sally's open slit. A long sigh came from deep inside Sally's chest as Miranda's tongue worked its magic on her swollen clit. "Ohhhhhhh, Randi," she moaned softly, "do mama's clitty for her, oooooooooh, yessssss, do mama's hot little clit!!!" Miranda was now herself in a state of high sexual tension, and eating her friend's plump vagina only made her own cunt drool even harder! Finally unable to take it anymore, Miranda stood up, pulled down her pants and panties, and then ground her own cunt against Sally's bulging lips! The two women worked their boxes back and forth until their erect clits made contact with each other, which resulted in both Sally and Miranda having major orgasms convulsing through their pussies! Groaning loudly, they French kissed each other until their vaginas had stopped pulsating!

Back at the table, Sally asked, "Is Dean any better than that!?!" Miranda just laughed and replied, "He's different, Sal, just different!!!"




Vienna, Austria, 1944. Ilsa Hoffmeyer knew instinctively that she was in deep trouble. The two men in leather black trench coats had been following her for the better part of two hours now, "They must be Gestapo," she thought to herself!!! She ducked into a small cafe, hoping to find her way out the back into the alley, but her path was blocked by a bunch of old crates up against the rear door, and as she turned around she was standing face to face with her pursuers, two Gestapo agents of Hitler's Third Reich! "Fraulein Hoffmeyer, finally we meet in person," one of the agents offered, "unfortunately for you, it will be a rather unpleasant experience, shall we go now, please!?!"

Ilsa was in a daze as the two Nazis led her to a waiting automobile, where she was blind folded and told to be quiet. As one of a handful of under ground agents working for the allies in Austria, Ilsa was a prize catch that the Gestapo hoped they could squeeze for valuable information on the extent of the under ground activities in Austria as well as Germany. The car came to a stop and Ilsa was led still blind folded into a building where she was pushed into a chair and told to be quiet. Several minutes passed, until Ilsa was told by a feminine voice to remove her eye covering. When she pulled of the scarf covering her eyes, she was looking directly into the face of Marie Krupp, the notorious head of the Gestapo torture department. Looks could be deceiving, because Marie Krupp was a very beautiful woman, but the stories told about her, promised that this was going to be far from a enjoyable meeting! "Fraulein Hoffmeyer," Marie said smoothly, "why don't you save yourself a lot of discomfort by telling us all we want to know about your subversive activities in our country!!!" "Never," spat back Ilsa, "I'll never tell you a thing, you bitch!!!" Out of nowhere, Marie Krupp caught Ilsa across the face with a leather riding crop that nearly knocked her out! "My, my, such language," a still soft voiced Marie continued, "if you continue to displease me, we can make you exceedingly uncomfortable!!!" Ilsa, still stunned from the shot to the cheek, didn't answer, while trying to shake the cob webs from her head. Marie Krupp, however, went on, "I'm offering you one last chance, tell me about your organization or accept the consequences!!!" Ilsa, now able to speak, but a bit haltingly replied, "I told you never, and I meant it!" This time, Marie didn't strike out at her prisoner, instead she went over to a guard and whispered something in his ear. What ever she said to him made him laugh evilly, and Ilsa knew that that probably wasn't good news for her!!!

"Okay, take and get her ready, I'll be along shortly," Marie ordered the burly guard! He came over and grabbed her roughly by the arm and practically dragged her down the hall to a spartan room that only had a couple of chairs and what looked like a doctor's examining table. Also in the room was another agent, who stood calmly by the table, as if he was waiting for her. "Take off all your clothes," the man by the table ordered, "and make it snappy!" Ilsa surveyed the situation and realized it would be pointless to refuse, because if the stories were true, these to Nazis would have liked nothing better than to beat her senseless and then take her things off for her, so she slowly began removing her dress. When she was stark naked, the smaller, and it seemed more humane of the two agents asked her to please climb up on the table and lie down on her back. After she was in position, her arms were strapped tightly with restraints, and her legs were forced wide apart and then buckled into position. Unable to move, Ilsa could only imagine all sorts of painful terrors that awaited her. To her surprise, however, instead of inflicting great bodily harm to her, the young guard sat down on a stool between her legs and lathered her entire pubic area with soap, and after only a few seconds later, he produced a long straight razor and began meticulously saving her pubes. While not painful, Ilsa couldn't help but tense up as her most private parts were being displayed in front of the two strange men. When he was finished shaving her, the young guard, who Ilsa later found out was name Dieter, nodded to his partner, who in turn went to the door and summoned Maire Krupp back to the room.

"Well, well," intoned Krupp, "you look as smooth as a new born baby, Fraulein Hoffmeyer!" "What are you going to do to me," asked Ilsa in a trembling voice? "Oh my," Krupp said gaily, "I believe our visitor is a little nervous, well, don't worry about a thing, because today is your lucky day, and I guarantee that none of us here will harm even one hair on your pretty little head!" Ilsa knew better than to trust Marie Krupp, but she couldn't help but feel a little bit of relief at the probably empty promise. "Tape," Krupp ordered, and Dieter dutifully handed her a roll of white surgical tape of which Krupp then tore off a six or seven inch piece and stepped between Ilsa's splayed legs. Positioning the end of the length of tape on her left labial lip, she pulled it hard to the side, pulling Ilsa's vagina halfway open. Krupp then connected the other end of the tape to the inside of Ilsa's thigh, which in turn held her pussy open, while then taking the other piece of tape and repeating the procedure on the other lip. Ilsa's cunt was now more than exposed, it was pulled wide apart and held in place by the two strong pieces of medical tape. "My, my," Marie Krupp said, "she looks like she's ready to get fucked!!!" "Would you like that dear," asked Krupp, "would you like to have Helmut here stick his cock into you and fuck you hard until you cum!?!" It was a rhetorical question, because before Ilsa even had a chance to reply, Maire Krupp continued on, "No, I don't believe you would like that, and since you don't want it, I will respect your wishes and leave your little pussy unfucked!" Ilsa knew that something terrible was about to happen, but she couldn't do anything about it. As she was contemplating her fate, Dieter had slid what looked like a small metal hose into position about eighteen inches above her vagina. It didn't look sinister, but Ilsa knew better, all this sweet talk by Marie Krupp was just a stall until she got around to doing her dirty work.

When the apparatus was finally in place, Maire Krupp again took over and said softly, "Ilsa, I am giving you one more chance to tell me what you know about the underground, if you don't, well then, it's out of my hands!!!" "Growing more terrified by the minute, Ilsa in a bold defiant voice said, "No way will I tell you Nazi bastards anything, so do what ever you must to me, but I will remain silent!!!" A small smile crept over Marie Krupp's lips and she replied, "No, Ilsa, you will finally beg me to listen to you, and you will gladly tell me all that you know!" Marie gave a curt nod to Dieter, who pulled on a lever that in a matter of seconds allowed drops of water to fall from the end of the metal hose and on down to Ilsa's crotch where it hit just to the left of her clitoris. Marie reached up and carefully adjusted the end of the hose until the drips were hitting directly on Ilsa's clit. "Now fraulein, "Maire Krupp offered, "let us see how long it takes you to have an orgasm from the steady dripping of water as your only partner!!!" Ilsa felt sweat begin to break out on her forehead as the relentless dripping continued massaging her now totally erect clitoris. "My, my," intoned Marie Krupp, "look at how her clit is betraying her, I don't think I've ever seen one quite that large, have you Dieter?" The two of them laughed out loud as Ilsa desperately tried to keep her clit under control! Marie began caressing Ilsa's large chest and twisting her nipples, which in turn caused Ilsa's cunt to flood itself with even more pussy juice. Just when Ilsa thought she was about to go over the edge, out of nowhere, Dieter appeared with a syringe full of a clear liquid that could for all Ilsa knew be full of water. Marie took the syringe and slowly shoved it into Ilsa' arm while saying, "I can see that you're trying to resist your orgasm, well this will help you do just that, and in a few seconds it will be impossible for you to have a climax, and I promise you that in a while you will beg me to give you relief!"

Ilsa didn't really feel anything happening, but she had to admit that by now she normally would have had two or three orgasms. Marie ordered Dieter to suck on Ilsa's nipples, and with the young Nazi's mouth attached to her nipple, Ilsa felt the familiar feeling welling up in her surging cunt! "Hah," thought Ilsa, "I won't have any trouble cumming at all, I'm almost there now, but while waiting for the usual rush to rip through her vagina, she all at once got the sinking feeling Marie was right, because try as she might, she couldn't quite get over the hump! Her clit was now on fire in a way it had never been before! The insistent sucking of her nipples was sending a current of electricity directly to her crotch, but no amount of concentration could get her over the top! "Well, Ilsa," Marie asked smoothly, "are you ready to tell what I need to know!?!" Ilsa, now in great distress, shook her head violently and emphatically, NO!!! Marie Krupp just smiled and said, "Maybe a little show will put you more in the mood to cooperate, and with that, she slid out of her clothes and had Helmut do the same. While he may have been little more than muscle to keep prisoners in line, when he dropped his pants, Ilsa could see the largest cock she had ever seen in her life! "You like," asked Marie, while stroking the big cock in her right hand, "Helmut may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but you can see why I keep him around!!!" Ilsa was now in a state of almost a sexual frenzy! She tried her best to hide it, but when Helmut turned Marie around and took her from behind, Ilsa let out a long low moan that coincided with Marie's. The only difference was, that Marie had two hard orgasms in quick succession, while Ilsa was still hanging on the precipice of climax! After she had recovered from her cum, Marie came over to Ilsa and dabbed the sweat from her face and said sweetly, "Mmmm, that was so good, Helmut has such a wonderful penis, I came so fucking hard, but have to admit that I lied to you, I'm afraid we are going to have to let Helmut fuck you so you can feel how big and hard he is!"

Dieter moved the dripping water away from Ilsa's cunt, only to be replaced by the hulking Nazi who was running his cock up and down Ilsa's dripping slit. "Ilsa couldn't even speak, she was in such a high state of sexual arousal, but when Helmut buried his meat deep inside of her with one hard thrust, Ilsa screamed in ecstasy as the huge "hammer" pounded her into submission! "Is it good, dear," Marie asked soothingly, "don't you just love his big pecker inside of you!?!" By now Ilsa was totally gone, and all she could do was babble incomprehensibly, but the gist of it was that she was getting the fucking of her life!!! Marie Krupp leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Can you tell me now what you know, dear fraulein?!?" Ilsa moved her lips but no sound came out, except for the guttural growl of a wild animal in heat. Marie leaned over and took a hard nipple into her mouth and sucked hard, driving Ilsa to even greater heights! She was beginning to think that she might die right there on the table, her need for sexual release was so great, and while she didn't want to betray her cause, it was becoming very apparent that something was going to give! Marie again whispered into her ear, "Ilsa darling, just nod your head if you will cooperate, if you do, I promise you that within thirty seconds you will have the orgasm of your life!!!" It was over and Ilsa knew it, she couldn't hold out for another second, and so with great reluctance she nodded her head yes, while Dieter, standing by with syringe in hand, quickly stepped in and gave Ilsa a second injection, this one an antidote to the first. With all of her sexual energy concentrated on the tip of her clitoris, it was only a matter of moments until Ilsa's vagina was being not only ravaged by Helmut's monster cock, but by a whirlwind climax that tore through her like a raging tornado! With all the pent up sexual energy, Ilsa came for what seemed to her to be hours, even though it was only for a minute or two! When she finally came down from her high, Marie caressed her head in her arms and whispered what a good little slut she had been. Marie gave Dieter a nod, and he again arranged the water spout over her now gaping pussy. Ilsa whispered hoarsely that she was ready to cooperate, and pleaded with the Nazi bitch to leave her alone, but Marie smiled a sadistic smile and said evenly, "Oh dear, Ilsa, we are having too much fun to stop now, I think another two or three orgasms should just about do it!"

Drip, drip, drip, it was happening all over again! A sharp jab in her arm and the drug began to work its magic! Ilsa let her head roll to the side just in time to see Helmut mounting Marie Krupp and pounding his dick deep into her pussy! Her own clit began to careen out of control! It was going to be a long night!!!




Mitchell Crawford looked over the room and decided immediately that this would do just fine! For eighty dollars a week he got a nice place to stay plus breakfast and supper, not bad at all! His new land lady, Mrs. Anna Williamson, seemed like a very nice person, who he guessed was in her mid fifties, and in their short conversation, he had learned that the big house was left to her by her late husband who had died several years earlier. With its rambling upstairs and plethora of bedrooms, Mrs. Williamson rented several of them out to help make ends meet, and while Mitch was the first male she had ever rented to, she said that she was usually pretty good at first impressions, and she an instant liking to the young insurance salesman. Dinner would be served a six sharp every night, so he had a couple of hours to get unpacked and take a shower in the communal bathroom, which was shared with the other boarder. He hadn't had a chance to meet her yet, but he was sure that they would get along with no problem, so after stowing all of his gear, he headed down the long hall to the bathroom, where seconds later he was under the stinging jets of hot water where he stood there for a good five minutes, letting the water massage his aching muscles.

Being new in town, Mitch hadn't had a chance to meet any members of the opposite sex, so as a result, the combination of slippery soap and hot water had given him a big boner! Reaching down, he took his eight plus inches of meat in his hand and gently fisted it, until it shook and spewed a huge load of cum all over the shower walls and floor. He rinsed off, hopped out into the cool air, and dried off quickly, and it was then that he happened to notice an eye at the key hole!!! Someone was watching him!!! Thinking quickly, he realized that it probably could only be one of two people, Mrs. Williamson or the other tenant! Smiling to himself, Mitch turned so that his pecker was facing the door, and then he took great pains to dry his cock thoroughly, giving the surreptitious voyeur a good long look at his dick! Even though he had just blown a load, Mitch felt himself stiffen under the gaze of the eye at the key hole, and soon he was fully erect, with his big head bobbing up and down while he dried off the rest of his body. After he was completely dried off, he took his cock into his hand and slowly jerked it, giving who was ever watching an eyeful! Just before he was about to shoot his cum, he leaped at the door and jerked it open, finding a stunned woman on her knees with her hand up her skirt! "Well," Mitch said smoothly, "what have we here, a little busy body I'd say!!!"

The woman leaped to her feet and said, "I just dropped a quarter on the floor and was stooping to pick it up when you opened the door!" Mitch took her by the arm and pulled her into the bathroom, and replied, "Don't lie to me, baby, I saw you looking, maybe we should call Mrs. Williamson and see what she has to say about all this!?!" Mitch made a move as if to call the land lady upstairs, but the woman quickly grabbed him by the arm and pleaded, "All right, you're right, I was watching, please don't say anything to Mrs. Williamson, please!!!" Mitch closed the door and leaned against the wall, as if surveying the situation, while his cock still stood proudly erect in front of the trembling woman. "What's your name," asked Mitch a matter of factly? "Joanne, Joanne Wade," she replied softly. "Why were you looking through the key hole," asked Mitch seriously, enjoying the predicament Joanne Wade was in? "I don't know," she answered dumbly, "I was just looking, ya know?!?" Mitch took his cock in his hand and began stroking it evenly, and offered, "You like big cocks don't you, Jo!?!" Joanne licked her dry lips, and barely moved her head, nodding yes. Mitch gently pushed her on the shoulder, forcing her to her knees, and then while offering his organ to her mouth ordered, "Suck me off Jo, you know you want it!!!" Her shy act was quickly forgotten, and she hungrily worked her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, taking special care to caress his smooth head with her lips. When he was about to cum, he asked in a calm voice, "Jo, do you swallow!?!" All he got in reply was a long low moan, but that was all the answer he needed, and seconds later he flooded he mouth with a torrent of hot sperm, almost choking her with the amount of cum squirting from his sperm gun! She gallantly tried to swallow every drop, even though some of it escaped her lips and dribbled down her chin and onto her blouse while Mitch could tell from the guttural sound in her throat that Joanne had induced an orgasm of her own just by sucking his cock! Like he had said to himself earlier, "No problem with the other boarder!!!"

That evening at dinner Anna Williamson kept the conversation light as everyone got better acquainted. Mitch found out that Joanne was a bookkeeper for a local department store and had been working there for over five years. Now thirty years old, she was six years Mitch's senior, and had been living with Mrs. Williamson for two years. After dinner, Anna took care of the dishes and the Mitch and Joanne retired to the living room to watch some television. They settle down next to each other on the sofa and Mitch giving the door to the dining room a quick glance, pulled his pecker out of his pants and told Joanne to give him a quick blow job. Without a seconds hesitation, she dropped her head into his lap and took his manhood into her mouth, sucking hard on his throbbing head. Joanne was an expert cocksucker, and Mitch lost himself in her oral ministrations, and therefore didn't notice when Anna Williamson quietly entered the room. If he had been watching her, he would have seen her slip her hand up under her dress and begin frigging her erect clit. It was her soft moan that made Mitch aware of her presence, and when he saw her playing with herself, he motioned for her to join them on the couch.

"Take off your panties," he ordered the older lady, who promptly complied with his wishes, "now, hike up your dress, lean back, and spread your legs wide, so we can see your pussy!!!" What was revealed was a very hairy cunt with large full lips that were dripping wet from her earlier masturbation. "Very nice," Mitch intoned, and then ordered Joanne "okay baby, suck her off!!!" Joanne slid of the sofa and slipped between Anna's full thighs, then leaning forward to give the gaping cunt a full French kiss with her hot tongue. The older woman sighed loudly as her young tenant lapped contentedly at her engorged sex organ, running her tongue up and down the length of her dripping crack! "Eat mama's pussy, dear," moaned Anna, "make mama have a nice hard orgasm, she needs one so badly, please make her cum hard!!!" Hearing the older lady begging for relief, Joanne drove her tongue deep inside the hot pussy, and then turned her attention to Anna's over ripe clitoris! It only took a few minutes, and Anna Williamson was climaxing into the mouth of her young cuntlapper! All this time Mitch was calmly watching the action while lazily stroking his big cock to full erection. When Anna had finally come down from her sexual high, Mitch said to Joanne, "Take off your panties and sit on it, now!!!" Joanne practically tore off her undies, and quickly mounted the thick sex gristle that sprung form Mitch's crotch! As the thick organ disappeared into her love canal, Joanne moaned and cried out softly, "My fucking god I'm cumming already!!!" And she was too, Joanne had an orgasm even before Mitch's entire cock was inside of her all the way! Her tight pussy tried in vain to grip the invading monster, but it was all for naught as the huge pecker bored its way deep into the sopping wet vagina! Now a sexual frenzy took over Joanne's cunt and she bounced up and down on the thick shaft, inducing orgasm after orgasm in her quivering pussy! Mitch, while enjoying being ridden by the attractive young woman, couldn't hold his spunk back any longer, and with a loud roar shot volley after volley of cum deep into Joanne's hot love box!

After sitting for a few minutes to regain their composure, Mitch asked Anna if she had a large bed. "A king size," she answered quickly! "Good," replied a self satisfied Mitchell, "that should be big enough for all three of us!!!"




Connie Eubanks was feeling a little low that morning, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get into her job, and constantly had to remind herself to get back to work! Even while taking phone calls, her mind would wander and she had to ask several clients to repeat what they had just said because she wasn't paying any attention! At about 11:15 her phone rang and it was her best friend Millie calling to see if they could have lunch together. "Sure Mil," Connie replied, "why not, I'll meet you by the elevators in five minutes." When they hit the lobby Millie asked where Connie wanted to go for lunch. Connie thought about it for a second and replied, "Ya know Mil, I'm feeling a little blue this morning, so what I'd really like to do is go for a quick shave if that's all right with you!?!" Millie laughed and answered quickly, "Fine by me, let's go!"

The two women entered the salon and went directly to the hostess who was busy taking reservations. "Do you think you could get two of us in for quick shaves," asked Connie hopefully?" Do you have a reservation," asked the hostess? "No," Connie shot back quickly, "we hoped you could slip us in, it's really important!" "Let me see," said the hostess, while glancing over her reservation book, "okay girls, follow me, I think we can squeeze you in!" When they got to the shaving room, the hostess called out to two barbers, "Jane, Erica, can you take care of these two right now, they really need it bad!?!" "Jane nodded yes, and motioned both Connie and Millie into the two reclining barbers chairs. Both women quickly seated themselves, leaned back, and then waited for the two barbers to begin. "Okay, hon" said Jane, "lift your butt!" Connie lifted her ass off the chair and Jane reached under her dress and tugged off her panty hose and panties in one quick motion while she looked over at Millie, who also was having her under things removed by Erica! Both women then hiked their skirts up around their waists exposing their vaginas to watchful eyes of the two barbers, Jane and Erica. Around the room, other women were going through the same process, so that they also could get ready to have their pussies shaved! "Okay, Connie," said Jane, "I'm going to lather you up and let it sit for a few minutes to soften up your bush, would you like me to finger you while we're waiting!?!" "Oh please," Connie begged, "I need it so bad, finger me hard!!!" Jane laughed and proceeded to lather up the hairy cunt, taking great pains to rub the palm of her hand all over the bulging mound of the middle aged woman. "There, that should do it," announced Jane, "now let's finger that pussy!!!" Connie sighed when Jane let her index finger poke its way into her now very wet vagina while jane commented in a little girl's voice, "Is that what baby wanted!?!" "Oh god," that feels so good, I think I'm going to cum already," moaned Connie!!!" "Go ahead, baby," Jane cooed softly, "cum for mama, make a nice orgasm for her!!!" Hearing the young woman talking so babyishly, Connie felt her vagina convulse several times, and a very hard climax raced through her needy little twat!

"Sweet jesus that felt good," Connie panted, "did I ever need that!" "Glad you liked it," replied Jane, "I think we can give you that shave now, it seems to have softened up quite a bit," and out of nowhere Jane produced a triple track razor and began expertly shaving off all of Connie's thick pubic hair. The razor felt cold against her sensitive skin, but the feeling was incredible and Connie started to get that familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach again, that of an impending orgasm that was building like a tsunami after an earthquake! When Jane got down to the final strokes, Connie was in a state of almost sexual hysteria as the cool air on her now bare vagina, coupled with the constant manipulation by Jane on the folds of her pussy was causing Connie's cunt to quiver and shake on the edge of a massive orgasm! Connie looked over to see how Millie was coming along, and what she saw drove her even closer to the orgasmic edge! Erica, Millie's barber, was busy tonguing her now bare pussy, wringing out every ounce of sexual energy that was stored up in the head of her hard little clit!!! Jane carefully wiped the excess soap from Connie's pussy and then asked, "Dear, would you like me to tongue you today!?!" Almost unable to speak, Connie croaked an affirmative, and immediately Jane's mouth was attached to Connie's gaping cunt! Mille and Connie were very close to cumming, and they reached out a hand and gripped each other tightly as their cunts exploded in unison while the two barbers tongued them relentlessly!!!

Both women stuffed their panties and panty hose into their purses and headed back to the office, their bare cunts feeling free and wild after the shave and oral worship from Jane and Erica. Riding up the elevator alone, Connie lifted her skirt and showed Millie just how puffy and full her lips had become! Not to be out done, Millie did like wise, exposing her own mound, and even dropping her hand to her crotch and giving her pussy a quick fingering!!! "Look at my pussy, Con," moaned Millie, "I can't help it, I'm gonna cum again!!!" Seconds later, her friend, now leaning up against the elevator wall for support, shook all over while her body was being ravaged by another climax! Connie quickly hit the stop button on the elevator, and while still exposing herself to her friend begged, "Please Mil, eat it for me please!!!" Millie didn't need another invitation, and quickly dropped to her knees and began tonguing her friend's wet pussy! Connie was certainly right about one thing, she had extremely puffy cunt lips, and Millie savored the thickness and texture of her friend's labia! It was Connie's clit, however, that was driving this bus, and Millie wasted no time in boring in on her little stiff target! In a flash, Connie's cunt spasmed out of control and flooded Millie's mouth with a torrent of orgasmic juice! Both women, now totally spent, struggled to regain their lost composure!

Back at her desk Connie was still finding it hard to concentrate on her work, but at least it wasn't as the result of sexual tension!!!




Jack was desperate! He was down to his last c-note, and with no real job prospects, he was starting to get the feeling that he wasn't long for his apartment and would soon be out on the street. Every day he walked to the library and poured over the classified ads looking for a job but it was becoming increasingly apparent that he probably would have to take a menial service job at a fast food restaurant. "Christ," he thought to himself, "here he was a recent college graduate, and unable to find a job in his chosen field!" As he continued to scan the want ads, his eye suddenly caught and intriguing looking ad in the "entertainment wanted", listings. It read, "Needed: Well Built Young Men To Perform For Female Stag Parties! High pay, steady work! Call Jill at 555-1313 from 8 to 4." The key phrase was "high pay", and Jack could certainly use a little bit of that! He scribbled the number on a piece of scratch paper and went off to find a pay phone! The number rang at least five times until it was answered by a female with a deep husky sexy voice. Jack got right down to it, and made an appointment for later that afternoon at Jill Hadley's office in the Murchison Building down town.

The outer office was barren except for a a few straight back chairs and two year old sports and news magazines to pass the time. There was a sign on the desk that said "Ring Bell For Service", so Jack poked it a couple of times, and a few minutes later a lady of about forty five or so came through the door to the rear of and extended her hand and said, "You must be Jack, I'm Jill, come on and follow me back to my office!" As spartan as the outer office had been, Jill Hadley's private office was just the opposite, with a plush carpet, beautiful furniture, a cushy sofa along the wall, and expensive looking paintings hanging tastefully on two of the four walls. Motioning with her hand she said, "Please sit down and I'll tell you all about it." Jack settle down in a deep comfortable chair across from Jill's desk and waited for her to begin. After taking a sip of coffee, she began, "As I'm sure you gathered from the ad, Jack, my company arranges entertainment for female clients in the, how shall I say this, well, the more mature vein, I'm happy to see that you look to be in tip top physical condition, because our young men are required to remove their clothing and put on a show for the women at their gatherings!" "Are you still interested," she asked? Jack knew from the way the ad was worded that it probably involved something like this, so he shook his head yes and asked Jill Hadley to continue. "Well," she intoned, "we get calls for batchelorette parties, business meetings, birthday parties, and a dozen other occasions that an exotic dancer might entertain at, we charge a set fee of anywhere from $500 on up, depending on how may dancers we send out, and out of that, you get $200 guaranteed!" "In most cases, you can pick up as much as $200 dollars in tips from the women at the parties so on an average night you can usually pick up anywhere from $200 to $500, not bad for three hours work!" "If you decide to take one of the ladies home, you're on your own, we discourage it, but we don't have a rule against it, that is entirely up to you!" "Finally, you can usually expect to work two to three gigs a week," she summarized, "so you have a chance to make some really good money!" "Still interested," she asked!?! "When do I start," he replied quickly!?! "Good," she answered enthusiastically, "let's get down to business!!!"

Jill shoved a pile of forms for him to fill out, and he spent the next half hour completing them. When he was done, she glanced at them quickly and then said, "Okay, Jack, they look all right, good, now then, I have to check on one more thing, you'll have to show me your body, I have to be sure that you measure up physically!" "Right here," asked Jack rather meekly??? "It's as good a place as any," Jill shot back, "you might as well get used to it, because from now on you're going to be stripping in front of a lot more than one woman!!!" Jack nodded in agreement and stood up and removed all of his clothing, exposing himself completely to the older woman. With a practiced eye, Jill walked around him, checking out every square inch of him, making sure that everything was just right! Jill Hadley was not an unattractive lady, and much to Jack's discomfort, his penis began to stiffen uncontrollably under her steady gaze! "I'm sorry, ma'am," he stammered, "but I can't help it!!!" Jill just chuckled and reached out and took his member in her soft hand and began gently jerking him, causing his legs grow weak and rubbery! "You have to get used to this," Jill said softly, "in the next few days a lot of women are going to be touching your pecker, and on more than one occasion you'll more than likely shoot a load of cum!" Jack nodded dumbly, the sweat now breaking out on his forehead while Jill leaned over and whispered softly in his ear, "Do you want me to suck you off, I think you need it!?!" Through dry lips Jack replied unevenly, "Oh please, yes, suck me off!!!" Jill sat down on the edge of the couch and pulled the erect cock to her warm mouth and let it slip in, caressing the large head with her smooth tongue. Jack groaned as Jill expertly used her tongue and lips on his now straining member, until almost without warning, his nut bag tightened up, sending a hot torrent of sperm into the mouth of the hungry cocksucker!" She drank down every last drop, not letting even a drop slip away from greedy mouth!!!

Jill quickly stood up, and immediately removed her own clothing, exposing a body while not thin and supple, was ample and full, a woman's body that begged to be used by a strong man! Large breasts jiggled as she moved, her already erect nipples begging to be sucked by a hungry mouth! A slight paunch on her belly did nothing to take away from her over powering feminine allure, and her wide full ass and unbelievably hairy cunt only turned Jack on even more! Jill arched her back, jutting her chest towards him as an open invitation to partake of her cherry sized nipples! Jack practically dove at them, sending them both tumbling back on the couch in a mixture of flying legs, arms, and huge breasts! Jill was now panting hard and her cunt was leaking like an old worn out faucet, she was definitely turned on to the max and was in dire need of a good hard fucking!!! She spread her legs wide apart and begged, "Do me, Jack, one way or the other, mouth or cock, but just do me!!!" Jack's pecker was now hard as a piece of blue steel, but he put off the fuck and dropped his mouth onto her furry mound and let his tongue probe her wet crack. "Oh god," she moaned loudly, "eat it for me, do mama's clit for her!!!" Jack didn't need to be asked again, and his tongue motored over Jill's hard nub until she was convulsing in a huge orgasm, and flooding his mouth with a gallon of cunt juice!!! Before she had a chance to catch her breath, Jack got to his knees and lined up his swollen rod with her gaping hair pie, and in one hard thrust buried it deep inside her warm wet fuck hole! This time, she screamed out, unable to control herself under the vicious onslaught that Jack's pecker was inflicting on her helpless cunt! Jill threw her legs around Jack's back, locking him into place, and then begging him like a whore to fuck her harder! Jack was close to going over the edge, but he smiled to himself thinking that Jill was just like any other woman, confident and sure of herself until she was getting fucked, then she was just like any other little bitch to come down the pike, a beggar in need of sexual relief who would say or do anything to achieve it! Just before he blew his nut, Jack looked at Jill's face and could see that she a slave to her sexual desire! For the second time in fifteen minutes, Jack was emptying his cum inside of his future employer, and loving every second of it!!!

Afterwards, Jill lit up a Lucky's, stroked Jack's flat belly, and commented, "The ladies are gonna love you, Jack, I just hope you save some of this for me!" With those words she dropped her cigarette and took Jack's cock into her warm mouth! He leaned back and thought, "This is gonna be one great job!!!"




Helen Argyll walked smartly up the front walk, up the three stairs, and firmly pressed the doorbell button and waited for someone to answer. It was midmorning, and for a lingerie sales woman, this was one of the best times of the day to catch the lady of the house. Usually her husband and kids were off to work and school, and she had already had time to clean up the kitchen and make the beds, and by now was usually ready to take a coffee break. Helen listened intently for signs of life behind the thick front door, and seconds later she could hear foot steps approaching rapidly. The door swung open and a tall brunette of about twenty five or so said, "May I help you?" Helen, sticking out here business card quickly introduced herself and stepped inside the vestibule and then explained, "I represent the "Ultra Woman" lingerie company and I am canvassing the area, showing ladies our new fall line, I'm sure that I have some things that would be of interest to you, may I please come in!?!" This was always the moment of truth for a salesman, you had to get into the house to make a sale, and Helen could see that the young woman was wavering back and forth, so she took the initiative once again and took the young woman by the arm and led her into the living room while saying, "I just have some of the prettiest things you've ever seen, I'm sure your husband will be more than pleased when he sees them on you!" The young woman now seemed resigned to the fact that Helen was going to be there for awhile and asked her if she would like some coffee. "Mmmmm," hummed Helen, "that sounds divine, why don't you get the coffee and I'll get my things unpacked, okay?" "By the way," Helen continued, "what is your name?" "Deliah, if you can believe it," she said while rolling her eyes, "but everyone calls me Dee!" "Okay Dee, you get the coffee, and I'll get ready!"

Dee headed of to the kitchen, and Helen quickly opened her sample case and laid out several sets of matching bras and panties, so when Dee returned with the coffee, Helen was all set and ready to go. For the next ten minutes Helen went through her sales spiel, extolling the virtues "Ultra Woman" lingerie. When she was all finished, Dee said, "I would like to have some of these things, they're very pretty, but I just had a baby a month ago, and I wouldn't look at all good in any of them, I feel like a fat cow!!!" It was hard to tell about Dee's body, because she was wearing a loose fitting house coat that pretty much covered her from neck to knees, but it was very apparent that she had a very large chest hidden under the thin cotton fabric. Sensing that Dee was embarrassed about her appearance, Helen reached out and patted her on the arm and said, "Honey, none of us are built exactly like we would like, but we have to do the best with what we've got, now I'm not going to try and tell you that you are built like Marilyn Monroe, but I will say that you have a pretty nice figure and that it would be a shame to cover it up!" Dee shook her head from side to side, obviously still a little doubtful. It was now that Helen went into what she considered her hard sell technique! Standing up, she unbuckled her belt and in what seemed like on swift motion, opened up the front of her dress and dropped it to the floor, and stated, "Look at me, Dee, I'm at least twenty years older than you, and my body, I'd bet to guess isn't nearly as nice as yours, but look at how nice I look in high quality lingerie!"

Dee sat there, almost gape mouthed while staring at Helen's voluptuous frame, hidden only by a low cut bra, matching bikini panties, and a garter belt and hose! "Well," asked Helen, "what do you think!?!" Dee gulped, and replied softly, "You look very nice, but I'm still not sure..........." Helen cut her off and said, "Stand up for me, let's see how you look, I want to check on your size!" Helen helped Dee to her feet, and began unbuttoning the young woman's house coat, and when it was finally opened up, Helen was almost stunned to see the size of Dee's chest, it was indeed massive! An industrial looking bra held it firmly in place, but it had all the sex appeal of a box of rocks, and her panties were the old woman style briefs that while practical, wouldn't have exactly made a man's heart go pitty pat at their sight! Obviously ashamed, Dee couldn't even make eye contact Helen, so Helen waded on in with, "Dear, let me tell you that you have absolutely no reason to be ashamed, you have a beautiful body, and don't let anyone tell you any differently!!!" "What does your husband think about it," pressed Helen?!? "He, well, I don't let him see me naked, I'm afraid he would laugh at me," she fairly wailed!!! Helen, now feeling a great deal of compassion for the young woman, put her arm around her and comforted her while saying, "I think you're selling him short, I don't think he would laugh at you at all, and if we get you fixed up with some sexy undies, I think you'll have him eating right out of your hand, I guarantee it!!!" "Do you really think so," she asked doubtfully!?! "I really do," Helen replied enthusiastically, "let's get started with the fitting!!!"

"First, let's get this old bra off and see exactly what we have to work with," commented Helen, while she worked on unhooking all four of the hooks holding Dee's massive chest in place. When it was loosened, Helen slipped it off Dee's shoulders and let it fall to the floor, revealing a truly amazing pair of breasts! The large areolae were about three inches across and were tipped with erasure sized nipples that stood out hard, even while at rest! Helen couldn't help herself, and automatically she reached out and cupped the giant mammaries in her hands and gently kneaded them, bringing a contented sigh from Dee's lips. "I can tell you have very sensitive nipples, dear," Helen whispered softly, "do you like getting them sucked?!?" Dee didn't even have to answer, she just let a long low groan indicate that she loved to take part in tit play, and offered no resistance at all when Helen leaned over and began sucking on a hard nipple. For what seemed like hours Helen nursed at the huge breast, bringing the young mother closer and closer to orgasm! Helen finally pulled away and ordered, "Enough of that for now, hon, time to get these panties off, hop to it, off with them!!!" On shaky legs, Dee teetered back and forth, but finally kicked off her panties to reveal a dark brown patch of thick pubic hair springing out from her crotch while a line of matted fur along the slit indicated that Dee's pussy was in a high state of sexual excitement! Slipping her own bra off, Helen stepped closer to Dee, took her in her arms, and gave her long deep kiss, while crushing their two chests together, nipple to nipple! Helen let her hand drop down between her legs and began an insistent probing of Dee's wet vagina with her middle finger, until it came to rest on her erect little clit! Dee moaned into Helen's mouth as the older woman worked her pussy into an absolute state sexual frenzy! Helen broke their kiss and leaned around to Dee's ear where she whispered hoarsely, "If you lay back on the sofa I can take care of your problem with my mouth!!!" Dee nodded vigorously, and plopped down on the couch, with her legs spread wide apart, a open invitation for Helen to orally satisfy her! Helen settled down between Dee's legs and drank in a deep breath of female aroma, the most intoxicating smell in the whole world! Helen looked up slyly at Dee and asked her pensively, "Is there anything you'd like me to do for you, dear?!?" "Jesus," moaned Dee, while thrusting her hip towards Helen's face, "please don't make me wait, do it now, pleaseeeeeee!!!" Still in a playful mood, Helen feigned ignorance and asked innocently, "Do what dear, I don't know what you mean, you'll have to be more specific!!!" "Sweet jesus," she groaned louder, "eat me, eat my pussy, I'm about ready to explode!!!" "Oh," replied a very sanguine Helen, "you mean like this," as she took a few lazy licks on Dee's crack!?!" By now Dee was about to lose her mind, and in almost a fit of rage she grabbed Helen by the hair and pulled her mouth to her gaping slit and screamed, "Eat me now, you fucking bitch, I can't take it anymore, do me now!!!" Helen chuckling to herself, quickly bored in on Dee's very needy clitoris, and gave it a hard rough licking that lasted only a few moments until the young women let out a bellowing roar that indicated her orgasm was ripping through her pulsating organ!!!

After it was over and she had returned to earth, Dee shyly apologized for her behavior, admitting that she had never cum so hard in all of her life, and for a few seconds had just gone stark raving mad! Helen selected a matching panty-bra set in mauve and holding it out for Dee to inspect while she said, "I think with a few little items like this, your hubby will be the one taking a trip on orgasm express, and you'll be the engineer!!!" Dee took the flimsy garments from Helen and replied, "I hope you're right, I hope you're right!!!"


STORY # 16


"What do you think about Southern Illinois," asked Miss Weston, "it's got a great communications department, one of the best in the nation." Sarah Foster looked intently at the brochure her guidance counselor had placed in front of her, it showed a beautiful campus full of stately trees intermingled several lakes. "I hadn't even considered SIU," Sarah replied, "but from the looks of the campus and it's highly rated communications program, maybe I should!" It was a lot of work trying to pick the right college, and as Guidance counselor for five hundred seniors, Kim Weston had all she handle scheduling appointments with each and every student. Sarah was the exception to the rule, in that she had already done some research on several colleges that might be of interest to her, so it made her job much easier. After about twenty minutes or so, Sarah began fidget, and was constantly tugging at the upper shoulder strap of her bra. "Is something wrong, dear," asked Miss Weston, "you seem to be in great discomfort!?!" "Oh, it's nothing, really," replied Sarah, "it's just that these stupid straps practically cut me in half, my shoulders are killing me!!!" Since they were tucked away in Miss Weston's private office, and the next appointment wasn't scheduled for another half hour, she knew that no one would be bothering them for quite some time, so for that reason, Miss Weston offered, "Let's get you out of this blouse and loosen up those straps, or at least move them to a different spot!" Not quite sure how to handle the situation, Sarah haltingly began unbuttoning her blouse, and even though she was an average sized girl in most departments, Sarah Foster was extremely well developed in the bust department, easily filling out her 38dd bra! While most of the time she wore utilitarian under garments, today she had on a very low cut lacy white bra that barely covered her nipples. When she shrugged off her blouse, Miss Weston, for the first time got a good look at the large expanse of soft tit flesh and said in a soft voice, "My, my, you have a beautiful chest, dear, what size is it?!" "Thirty eight double D ma'am," the eighteen year old replied quickly, feeling proud that her teacher was so impressed by her heavy chest! "Okay, let's take off the bra so I can massage your shoulders," intoned Miss Weston, in a slightly husky voice, here, let me help you with the hooks," and with shaking fingers unlatched all four clasps, freeing the large chest from its nylon prison. Miss Weston began rubbing Sarah's shoulders, working her fingers into the spots where the bra straps had been cutting into her skin. Sarah relaxed as the young teacher massaged her sore shoulders, closing her eyes and letting the pain leave her body, and although neither of them had planned it, both of their vaginas were starting to leak profusely in their panties, Miss Weston because of her attraction to Sarah's big tits, and Sarah because of the insistent pressure being applied to her bare skin by the pretty teacher.

Miss Weston leaned forward and whispered softly into Sarah's ear, "How does that feel, hon, is the pain going away?" "Mmmmm, yes," sighed Sarah, her chest heaving with each breath, "it feels a whole lot better!" Her cunt, now becoming a raging inferno, Miss Weston decided to take a chance, she knew it this went badly she would be in a lot of trouble, but she was so turned on she just had to try it! Sarah," asked Miss Weston, "you have such a pretty chest and nipples, I was just wondering if you like having them sucked on!?!" Now holding her breath, Miss Weston waited for the young lady to reply, still worried that she might jump up and go straight to the principal's office and file a complaint against her! But her fears were misplaced, because in a low moaning voice Sarah replied, "God yes, I love having my nipples sucked, don't you!?!" "Oh yes," Miss Weston answered quickly, "I don't think that there's a girl alive who doesn't like getting her boobs suck on, just look at you nipples, Sarah, they're all hard and stiff, do you want me to do them for you!?!" "Please," whispered Sarah, "I can't take it anymore, do them for me, please!!!" Kim Weston leaned down, taking a hard nipple into her mouth and sucked on it fervently, causing the young senior to groan with obvious pleasure,while driving Sarah into a state of sexual delirium. Kim pulled away from the big breast just long enough to ask Sarah, "Are you wet, dear, do you want me to suck your vagina for you!?!" Now panting loudly, Sarah just nodded her head yes, and spread her legs wide apart, waiting for her teacher to put her mouth on her now trembling sex organs! With her legs spread wide and her skirt hiked up around her waist, Kim dropped between the slim thighs and let her nose bump up against the panty covered pussy. A line of moisture was clearly visible through the nylon fabric, a sure sign that Sarah was highly aroused and in dire need of an orgasm!

The mere pressure of her nose on Sarah's crotch was enough to make the young girl moan and beg Kim to pull her panties aside and eat her dripping snatch! Before she did that, however, Kim asked Sarah, "What do you call it, dear, vagina, pussy, cunt, crack, what do you call it, tell me!?!" Sarah gasped at the thought of Kim Weston's mouth being only inches from her crotch, and answered in a shaky voice, "I call it my pussy or cunt, I use both, now eat me please!!!" Kim took her finger and slipped it inside the slick panty crotch and pulled it aside exposing a hairy nest of blonde pubic fur and hummed, "Mmmmmm, you are just dripping, girl, just dripping," and a second later Kim's tongue snaked out and caressed Sarah's erect little clit, causing her cunt to convulse uncontrollably, while MissWeston, a true bisexual, never in her whole life had she tasted a pussy as sweet as Sarah Foster's!!! She absolutely reveled in the taste and aroma of the sweet little box, and was pleasantly surprised to see Sarah sucking on one of her own nipples while she worked her tongue in and out of her little fuck hole! When she couldn't hold back any longer, Sarah's vaginal walls collapsed and the engorged organ was racked with a devastatingly hard climax, one that seemed to go on for ever, like riding the crest of a huge wave across the ocean, just endless!!!

Quickly getting to her feet, Miss Weston looked at the clock on the wall and could see that her next appointment was only five minutes away, so she hurriedly pulled down her panties and jerked up her skirt, while exposing her hairy pussy to Sarah's wide eyes! "Okay, babe," she said sternly, "we don't have much time, eat it fast and hard, I gotta cum really bad!!!" "I've never eaten a pussy before," Sarah stammered, "how should I...." Kim Weston, not waiting to hear Sarah's question, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth directly to her wide open slit, and intoned harshly, "Now eat it, you little cunt, do me right now!!!" Still a little stunned, the 18 year old gingerly licked Kim's outer lips, but that wasn't at all what Kim had in mind, so she forcibly held Sarah's mouth over her now straining clitoris. It was over just like that, Kim's pussy was ravaged by a Richter Scale 8 orgasm, causing her entire body to shake like a leaf in a wind storm!

Their heads now clearing quickly, both women hurriedly dressed and walked together into the outer offices. Miss Weston stopped Sarah for a moment and said, "Now you think about what we discussed today, and we'll have to get together in a couple of weeks to go over it again, okay!?!" Sarah gave Miss Weston a furtive smile and replied, "Maybe we should meet next week, I think it's going to take a little longer than you think!!!


STORY # 17


Claudia Ryan gazed over the sound stage looking in vain for Aldo Marchetti. "Christ, Joan," Claudia questioned her chief assistant, Joan Walker, "didn't you tell Harry to make sure that Aldo would be an extra during this shoot!?!" Joan staring at the nearly empty sound stage herself replied quickly, "Of course I did, I practically made Harry sign a blood oath that he would have Aldo here for the entire shoot, I have no idea where he is!" "Goddam it," spat Claudia, "get Harry on the fucking phone and find out for me, I'm not gonna do one scene until he's here, got it!?!" Joan nodded her head and made a beeline for the phone back in Claudia Ryan's trailer, and while it was only eight in the morning Claudia had already given her a splitting headache! "Do this, do that," she thought grimly, "why can't the old bat do something on her own for a change, you'd think her leg was broken by the way she acted!" Joan dialed Harry's number, and in a few moments he was on the phone. "Well," he greeted her warmly, "what can I do for you today, Joan, is the boss acting up again!?!" As executive producer, Harry Berson made just about every major decision connected with the movie, including the hiring of Aldo Marchetti as a personal favor to Claudia Ryan. "Jesus, Harry," Joan said getting right to the point, "Marchetti's nowhere to be seen, and Claudia's throwing a hissy fit, says she won't do a scene until he shows!!!" Calm down, babe," Harry replied smoothly, "Marchetti isn't needed until scene number four, so he won't be showing up until later this afternoon, no problem, he just won't be there this morning!" Joan knew that Claudia would be upset over this new bit of news, but thought that if she was assured Aldo would be there later that day she would hopefully do her opening scenes. "Okay, Harry," Joan sighed, "I'll try getting her to go ahead, but there are no guarantees!" "You tell Claudia that Marchetti won't show until scene four is ready to shoot, so the longer she procrastinates, the longer it will be until he gets here," Harry replied flatly, "so you tell the old bag she'd better get her ass on that stage and knock off those first three scenes, capiche???" "Yeah," Joan answered tiredly, "capiche."

Claudia waited impatiently for Joan to return, not being used to this obviously poor treatment. Twenty years ago when she was a number one star, nothing like this would ever have taken place, Aldo would have been on the set and that would have been that! Now, however, as an aging star in her early sixties, Claudia was forced into doing B- scream flims that hardly ever made it into the theaters, but went directly to the video rental stores! She was lucky that some producers still used her, and she still commanded a fee of a quarter million dollars a picture, a far cry from her salad days, when she knocked down over two million per, but at least she was acting steadily and making a decent living. "At last," she thought to herself, "here she comes, well, what kind of excuse did that snake Berson give you this time!?!" Keeping her cool and acting like everything was just dandy, Joan replied smoothly, "No problem at all, Aldo isn't needed until the fourth scene, and he doesn't need to be here until then, after all, he's just an extra, and as soon as you finish one, two, and three, he'll be here!" Claudia was about to get into it again, but she realized that arguing with Joan would be futile, so she made a face and headed off to makeup, "Might as well get it over with," she thought, "scene four will be here in no time!!!"

The morning passed uneventfully, with Claudia shooting two scenes and getting ready to shoot the third, when the director decided the lighting wasn't quite right, so the cast and crew broke early for lunch. Claudia was heading back to her trailer, when Joan fell into step along side of her and said, "He's waiting for you in your trailer, he got here early, and came right over!" An obviously ebullient Claudia stepped up her pace and nearly ran the rest of the way. She opened the door and over sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand was Aldo Marchetti. "Long time no see, babe," he opined, after taking a drink from the long necked bottle, "how things been treating you!?!" Claudia walked over and sat down on the sofa next to Aldo and replied, "It's been too long, lover, but now were gonna make up for lost time!" Aldo to another drink, set down his bottle, and turned to face Claudia and said, "I hear the you requested me personally for this shoot, I appreciate all the attention, but I can't figure out why a big star like you would be interested in an extra like me!!!" She knew he was mocking her now, but she didn't care, he and she both knew that the only reason he was there was to let her suck and fuck his eleven inch cock! Aldo Marchetti made a very handsome living as the fuckmate to countless female stars and starlets, and his reputation had grown so wide, that when ever he was seen on a movie set, the crew just figured that the leading female star was getting the big choo-choo that night! Knowing where his bread was buttered, Aldo never made waves and always tried to make each woman totally satisfied and happy, he had a good reputation, and wanted to keep it that way! Almost every major star over the past ten years had had a least one encounter with Aldo and his massive organ, but what separated him from the other would be gigolos, was that he did a good job and kept his mouth shut!!! An actress always knew that when she fucked Aldo she wouldn't be reading about it in the trades the next day, he was a lot like a priest at confession, no amount of pressure could make him give up his secrets!!!

Claudia slid closer, and let her hand fall into Aldo's crotch, and said softly, "Don't mock me, okay, I really missed this!!!" Aldo stood up, unzipped his trousers and dropped them to the floor, revealing a light blue pair of boxers that hid his "bone candy" from her hungry eyes. With slightly shaking hands, Claudia reached out and began tugging the shorts off Aldo's slim hips, as his huge penis, now half hard, sprang out and hung down thick at a forty five degree angle, a drop of precum hanging from its slit. "Oh, god, Aldo," she breathed, "how I missed it so, look at how big it is, it's already getting hard for mama," and with those words, she leaned forward with an open mouth and took the smooth head in, caressing it softly with her tongue. The second her mouth came in contact with it, her cunt did a flip flop, immediately drenching itself with sex juice! Claudia held on to the big pecker with two hands, slowly jerking it up and down while she eagerly sucked on the big head. It didn't take long for it to stiffen to its maximum length, and then stretch Claudia's mouth wide open, tiring her jaws out as they strained to keep a hold of the thick piece of cock flesh. Aldo held on to the arm of the chair for support, and a long low moan came from deep in his throat as his cum got ready to blast into the old actress' mouth. Hearing him groan only encouraged Claudia to suck even harder, and seconds later, she was greeted by a hot torrent of cum that filled her mouth to over flowing! Aldo moaned loudly and said between pants, "You always did know how to suck my prick, baby, I missed you too!!!" Claudia was in such a state of sexual excitement, that just by squeezing her thighs together, she induced her own orgasm with no other physical contact! The mere presence of the massive cock in her mouth, the shooting cum, and hearing the young man praising her oral technique was enough to push her over the orgasmic edge!

Not wanting to lose the moment, Claudia threw herself back on the sofa and spread her legs wide apart while she stared at the thick cudgel that was hanging in front of her and practically begged, "Okay, now baby, rip off my panties and fuck me with your big pecker, please do it now, please!!!" Under her white silk panties, Aldo could see the out line of a pair very hairy bulging vaginal lips and he reached out and rubbed the front of Claudia's panties, while stopping to give her erect clit a little extra attention. "Oh, please," she begged again, "don't tease me, fuck me!!!" With a swift motion, Aldo grabbed the panties by the crotch, and tore them away, exposing an oozing pussy that reeked of sexual excitement! Positioning himself between her legs, Aldo couldn't help but think that for being sixty, this old cunt really put on a show for the customers!!! He rubbed the head of his pecker up and down her wet crack, taking time to accidentally brush it across her now on fire clitoris! Her moan told him that it was time, so in a hard quick plunge he buried his meat deep inside of her! The savagery of the attack only heightened Claudia's desire and she threw her legs around Aldo's ass and locked her ankles together, holding him in place so the big cock couldn't escape her! He was long, that was for sure, but it was the thickness that always got to Claudia, that feeling of being totally stretched apart, like she about to be ripped to shreds, that was what she lived for, to be absolutely taken by this massive cock and treated like a little pussy, what a rush!!! The pounding, oh my god the pounding, Claudia was trying to hold back her climax, but it was hopeless, Aldo's cock was too long and too thick, and her pussy convulsed uncontrollably, tightening and loosening itself around the thick male invader! Finally it happened, "I-I'm cumming," she stammered, as she felt him slam it harder and harder into her, his own climax rushing out the end of his pulsating dick!!!

He lay on top of her for another five minutes or so, his pecker slowly shrinking, until it popped out of Claudia's gaping fuck hole. A knock on the door informed her that shooting was to start in ten minutes, so they both struggled to their feet and got dressed. "They say it's going to take a month to shoot this movie," Aldo offered laughing, "do you think we can last that long!?!" Claudia slipped her hand inside of Aldo's shorts, gave the one eyed snake a squeeze and replied, Don't worry, I once played a snake charmer in the movies, there's nothing to it!!!"


STORY # 18


Lindsey McCord watched intently as each bus slipped into it's parking place and unloaded the passengers. It was two in the morning and the old bus depot had an eerieness about it at that time of the day. There were a few people milling around waiting for passengers, obviously relatives or friends by the way they craned their necks checking out each person as they got off the bus, smiling when they made contact. Lindsey wasn't looking for a friend or a relative, however, she was on the lookout for something much more exciting. There were several others just like her hanging around the terminal, only they were men, pimps on the lookout for fresh "meat" to add to their stables. What they were looking for was a young girl, one with a fresh face, obviously confused, and totally alone. There were hundreds of girls coming to Chicago each month, some runaways, some just wanting to give the big city a try. When you're eighteen with no money, alone, hungry, and desperate for companionship, you are then at your most vulnerable. The pimps know it, and so does Lindsey, and that's why she was scanning the crowds looking for that fresh young face

Lindsey didn't exactly consider herself a pimp, but she did supply rich ladies with sweet young things, after of course sampling the wares first! Out of the corner of her eye she saw her, a blonde, "About eighteen," Lindsey figured, "nice build, big tits!" Quickly she made her way over to the young girl and introduced herself, "Hi, my name is Lindsey, I'm here to help you, see those three fellas over by the phone, they're pimps, and they're here to recruit you, come with me and I'll protect you!!!" Taking the blonde haired girl by the arm, Lindsey led her up the stairs and onto Clark Street where she had her car parked. "Get in," Lindsey said, more or less as an order and Blondie slid into the passenger seat and waited for Lindsey to speak. "What's your name, hon," she asked? "Erin, Erin Adams," she replied. "Where are you from and how old are you," Lindsey continued? "Missouri, and I'm going to be nineteen in three months," Erin replied quickly. Giving the blonde another once over, Lindsey felt her vagina begin to dampen at the mere thought of having this young beauty attaching her mouth to her pussy! "It's a lucky thing for you I got to you first, or you would have been turning tricks in some back alley by now," Lindsey offered! "I really appreciate it," Erin answered solemnly, "I never thought anything like that could happen to me!!!" "You were lucky this time," Lindsey replied, "but you have to watch yourself in the big city!!!" About fifteen minutes later they pulled up to a nicely kept bungalow on the northwest side and Lindsey announced, "We're, here, let's get out!"

Taking Erin's bag, Lindsey deposited it in the guest bedroom, and then returned to the living room where Erin was still waiting for her. "You look like you could use some food and a bath," Lindsey intoned, "how about a sandwich and soda while I run your bath water?" Erin sat at the kitchen table munching on a burger while Lindsey prepared her tub. After she was finished eating, Erin wandered into the bathroom where she found Lindsey waiting for her. "Here, let me help you out of those dirty clothes," offered Lindsey, "you must be aching all over after such a long bus ride!!!" Feeling a little odd about having an older woman help her undress, Erin allowed Lindsey to begin removing her things. When she had her down to her bra and panties Lindsey commented on what a pretty body she had, and after turning a dark shade of red, Erin mumbled, "Thanks." When her large boobs spilled out of her 34-D cup bra, Lindsey quit the pretension and gently cupped the two breasts in her hands and tweaked the quickly hardening nipples. Erin was frozen in her tracks, stunned to the point where she was unable to move while Lindsey comented, "My you have a lovely chest, dear, for such a young girl you are very well developed!" Continuing her tit massage, Lindsey told Erin to slip off her panties. When she didn't make a move to do so, Lindsey roughly pinched Erin's nipples, causing her to yelp in pain, "When I tell you to do something," Lindsey said evenly, "you do it, and do it quickly, got it!?!" Now hurriedly removing her panties, Erin nodded her head and meekly replied, "Yes."

Now totally naked, Erin shivered while the older woman walked all around her, checking her out from all angles. "Very nice, very nice," repeated Lindsey, "my friends will just love you!!!" Now afraid to speak, Erin could only wonder what Lindsey meant by "friends"!!! Still only eighteen, and even though she had a very well developed chest, the rest of Erin's body was still that of a very young girl, with slim hips, and just a smattering of light blonde fuzz on her puffy vaginal lips. "Get in the tub," Lindsey said, and Erin slid over the edge and into the hot water, and then watched in shock as Lindsey removed her own clothing and climbed in with her, taking the youngster in her arms and kissing her deeply on the mouth, their two huge chests squishing together! While Lindsey had had some limited experience with boys, this was her first encounter with a woman, and much to surprise, she found her body responding willingly to the older female! Lindsey had fucked literally hundreds of women and girls in her day, and instinctively she knew that Erin was getting aroused by the kiss and breast rubbing. Pulling away, Lindsey then asked, "Have you ever tasted a pussy!?!" Erin shook her head from side to side and replied, "I've never been with a woman before at all!" Sliding her big ass up on the edge of the tub and spreading her legs, Lindsey exposed her dark hairy mound to the young girl and ordered, "Okay dear, feed on momma's pussy, make her feel nice!!!" Gingerly Erin leaned forward and let her mouth rest on the bulging pubis of the older woman, taking in a deep whiff of aroused pussy! "Good start," sighed Lindsey, "now do momma's clit for her!" After letting her tongue wander around a bit, it finally came to rest on a hard little bud just inside the top of Lindsey's slit. "Oh yes, dear," groaned Lindsey loudly, "that's it, do me now, suck me off!!!" From her own experiences masturbating, Erin knew exactly what a woman liked and soon she had Lindsey convulsing in a cunt wrenching orgasm that flooded her mouth with a torrent of pussy juice! Her cunt still twitching, Lindsey then had Erin stand up so she could see her cute body. "Okay," Lindsey announced, "we're gonna finger our cunts together, do it for me, babe!!!" Lindsey's fingers buried themselves deep into her hot quim, while Erin too "let her fingers do the walking"! Both women had their eyes locked on the other's pussy, fingering themselves harder and harder until both of them slid back into the water, moaning from the hard climaxes that swept through their pussies!!!

Erin rested her check on Lindsey's big chest and practically cooed as the older woman caressed her all over. I think we can bring your things into my room," Lindsey sighed softly, "I don't think you're going to want to sleep by yourself are you!?! Erin gave her answer when she let one of Lindsey's big nipples slip into her mouth and began nursing. "Even if she is a pimp," thought Erin, "I think I'm gonna really enjoy this!"




About a week passed, and Erin pretty much forgotten about those older woman Lindsey had mentioned on their first night together. It had been almost two weeks and her days were filled with shopping at the malls, while her nights were filled with hot burning lesbian sex with Lindsey. She had never dreamed that having sex with a woman could be so fulfilling! She wasn't sure what she enjoyed more, having her pussy devoured by the big dyke or eating the huge hair pie between Lindsey's firm thighs. Lindsey pretty much kept her naked all the time they were home together, so that she could feel her up or finger her at the drop of a hat. It wasn't uncommon for Lindsey to come up behind her, cup her heavy chest, and then push her to the floor and eat her plump pussy to orgasm. It seemed that Lindsey couldn't get enough of the pretty lips that always seemed to bulge out invitingly to her! One afternoon, while lolling in the tub, Lindsey made an announcement, "Erin, darling, tonight we're having a friend over, she's a very special friend, and I'll expect you to do anything she asks." Erin, now in the total thrall of the older woman, replied softly, "Anything you say, Lindsey, anything you say!"

At eight o'clock sharp there was a rap on the front door and Lindsey ushered in a silver haired woman of about sixty years of age. "Nice to see you again, Virna," Lindsey greeted her, "I hope you will enjoy your evening with us!" "Mmmmm," Virna hummed, "I hope so too, it's been a long time since you've had any "fresh talent"!" "I'm sure you will be more than satisfied," replied Lindsey easily, "Erin is a very talented young lady!!!" Turning towards the stairs leading to the second floor, Lindsey summoned Erin to the living room. A few seconds later, Erin was slowly descending the stairs as the two older woman watched her intently. Erin was wearing a shelf bra, one that held her large chest in place, but left her nipples and most of the rest of her boobs totally exposed, and a pair of matching white nylons. That was it, her ass and pussy were completely uncovered and open for everyone to see. As usual, Erin's vaginal lips bulged obscenely, almost begging to be either sucked or fucked by some lucky opportunist! "Oh my, god," Virna moaned softly, "she's even more beautiful than you described her Lin, oh, how I want her so!!!" "What an absolutely beautiful body," she gushed on, "the breasts of a mature woman and the lower body of a very young girl!" As Erin approached them, Virna met her halfway to the stairway and immediately began feeling the young girl all over from head to toe, spending a particularly long time on her huge chest. "What size bra do you wear dear," asked Virna, while softly twisting Erin's large nipples? "34-D, ma'am," Erin replied, while feeling her vagina dampen under the expert touch of the older woman. "May I suck them," asked Virna? "Please do," the eighteen year old whispered softly, "they love to be sucked!" Virna led Erin over to the sofa and had her sit down, where upon she then laid her head in the young girl's lap, took a nipple into her mouth and proceeded to nurse on the young girl's breast as if she were a little baby. Erin's nipples were naturally sensitive, and the insistent mouth and tongue of Virna Wade were engorging Erin's clitoris with blood, which in turn caused it to throb rhythmically in time with Virna's flicking tongue. After about fifteen minutes or so of tit sucking, Virna stood up and began removing her clothes. She had a nice body for a sixty five year old, a sag here or there, but generally in pretty good shape. Her tits, while not as large as Erin's, were still surprisingly firm with light pink nipples, while her cunt was covered with a thick growth of dark hair that was flecked with gray here and there, but the lips still bulged with sexual desire. When she was completely nude, she pulled Erin to her feet and gave her a deep kiss while crushing their boobs together between them. When they finally pulled apart, Erin spoke for the first time without being spoken to and whispered into Virna's ear, "I am so wet I think I could cum just by thinking about it!!!" Virna let her hand slip down between them, touching the young girl intimately, and then dropping to her knees to give Erin's vagina a nice French kiss! Erin's lips bulged full and proudly while Virna let her tongue probe up and down the sopping slit of the hot little teenager! When her tongue would make contact with Erin's clit, her body would spasm slightly, as if begging for more. Virna looked up into Erin's face and asked, "Does baby want momma to suck her off, her little pussy is sooooo wet!?!" Erin, now very close to her climax, barely whispered in a hoarse voice, "P-please, suck me off, I need it so badly!!!" Virna looked over at Lindsey, who by now was naked herself, and was using a ten inch dildo on her own wet pussy, and gushed, "Lin, she tastes better than anyone I have ever eaten, I don't think I can get enough of her!!!" Virna quickly returned her mouth to the dripping pussy, and buried her tongue in the gaping slit. Erin's vagina contracted hard around the probing tongue, and seconds later her orgasm drenched Virna's mouth with a shower of pussy juice! Lin, watching all the action intently, felt her own muscles grip the thick cudgel protruding from her cunt, while both Erin and Lindsey were in the throes of massive orgasms ripping through their quivering vaginas, and soon the room was filled with the moans and groans emitted from the cumming vixens!

By now Virna was in a state of extreme sexual heat, and desperately needed the relief only a hard climax could deliver! She pushed Erin back down on the sofa, lay down with her legs spread wide apart and her head back in Erin's lap. She motioned for Lindsey to take a place between her open legs while she again took Erin's nipple into her mouth! Lindsey took up residence between the older woman's thighs and gave her a short hot session of female to female oral sex. Virna bucked her hips up into Lindsey's mouth, trying to force her clit against the slithering but elusive tongue that was roving all over her vagina! In the meantime, Erin's cunt was again flooding do to the sucking mouth that had attached itself to her hard nipple. She slid her had down to her crotch where she began rubbing her clit in pace with the sucking of her breast! Virna was now almost hysterical with lust! Lindsey was eating her pussy, while expertly avoiding her emblazoned clit, which coupled with the nipple in her mouth was driving her almost insane with desire! With a mouth full of tit, Virna begged Lindsey to finish her off, so the dyke bitch pulled her mouth away from the steaming cunt, and in one quick stroke, buried the ten inch satisfier deep into the pussy of the now quaking woman! When the huge dildo bottomed out, Virna let Erin's nipple slip from her mouth as she screamed in orgasmic delight as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her shaking body, while Lindsey sat between her legs and rammed the rubber phallus in and out of her defenseless quim! Seeing the older woman getting pounded into submission by the massive fake pecker was all it took for Erin's own cunt to suddenly be wracked with another cum of it's own! An eighteen year old from Missouri and a sixty five year old from Chicago were having simultaneous orgasms while a forty year old dyke watched all the action!!!

When it was all over, three very satisfied women lay in a heap on the couch trying to catch their breath while the aroma of female sex permeated the air! While they relaxed, Lindsey asked Virna, "Was that worth five hundred dollars, Virn!?!" "Honey," she replied, "it was worth a thousand!!!"




Glenn Jefferies was in a funk that had lasted over two years. It had been just about that long ago that her husband of thirty five years passed away suddenly do to a massive heart attack, and wow at a still young fifty six, Glenn had lost all her zest for life, and was just going through the motions. Her sex life was nil, and since she hadn't had a date of any kind, there was little chance of any male attention. Her only sexual release was from the middle finger on her left hand, so every week or so the tension in her vagina would become so urgent, that she would frig her clitoris to a massive if not totally fulfilling orgasm. There were a lot of eligible men that would be proud to be seen with Glenn on his arm, but she had just about shut out the entire world, and as the days passed her restlessness grew. One morning while sharing a cup of coffee with her neighbor Sharon, the subject of travel and vacations came up. "Well, I think you should go," said an exasperated Sharon, "you've hardly left this house in two years, Glenn, and that isn't healthy, and you know it!!!" What Sharon was griping about, was a chance for Glenn to take a drive from her home in Detroit to her 40th high school reunion in New Orleans. As Glenn cleaned up the dishes, she promised Sharon that she would think about going, but that she wasn't going to commit to anything just yet. As she was opening the back door to leave, Sharon looked back over her shoulder and in a serious voice said, "It's time you got over losing Donny, hon, it's been two years now, you've gotta move on!!!" Before she could answer, the door slammed shut and she could see Sharon ambling across the back yard and into her own house next door. Standing over the sink and looking out the window Glenn all of a sudden made a decision, she would go to the reunion after all!!! It had been almost ten years since she had visited the "Crescent City", and it would be good to get away for a few days! So it was settled, she was going home again!!!

It was six in the evening when Glenn backed out of her driveway to begin trip to New Orleans. As it was the middle of the summer, and they were in the middle of a brutal heat wave, she had decided to drive during the cool of the evening and stay a motels during the day when the sun was shining. At about ten thirty she pulled into a rest stop in southern Indiana to use the rest room and to get something to drink. There were quite a few cars parked in the well lit lot, but not very many people were in sight. Glenn walked down a long path to the brick structure that housed the "johns", and was just about to go inside when she heard the unmistakable sound of voices coming from the outside rear of the building. Knowing better than to wander off into the dark, she still let her curiosity get the better of her and silently she slipped around to the back and walked about another twenty yards or so into the trees and bushes. What she saw was stunning!!! There in the dark shadows were maybe fifteen or twenty men with their trousers and shorts down around their ankles, and every one of them standing there with a raging hardon!!! She couldn't believe it!!! In front of about half of the men were both men and woman on their knees fellating the exposed penises, while the men who weren't being sucked proudly jerked their cocks in the cool night air! Almost in a trance like state, Glenn was suddenly brought back to reality when she felt a hand on her arm. She nearly had a heart attack, but was relieved to see that the hand belonged to another middle aged woman who said, "It's really something isn't it, all that fresh meat ready to be sucked, are you going to have some!?!" Glenn quickly shook her head from side to side and replied, "Of course not, are you crazy, anything could happen to you out there!!!" The other woman, who introduced herself as Dolly retorted, "Naw, nothing's gonna happen to you, it's okay, everyone here looks out for everyone else, no one will do anything you don't want to do!" I've been coming here every week for the past two years and have had no problems at all!" Glenn, still looking doubtful, watched in amazement as Dolly walked over in to a well hung young man, dropped to her knees, and then took him gently into her mouth! She watching in utter fascination as Dolly emptied the nut sack of the young man into her waiting mouth! She could tell from his loud groans that he was spurting down her throat, flooding her mouth with a huge load of young spunk! After swallowing all of it, Dolly stood up, lifted her dress, and exposed her bare vagina to the night air. Spreading her legs apart, the thick plump lips of her pussy were clearly visible in the pale moonlight! A young woman of about twenty or so came over to Dolly, said something that Glenn couldn't hear, then dropped to her knees and began tonguing the older woman like there was no tomorrow! Dolly's head rolled from side to side, obviously in a state of high sexual excitement, but as she caught Glenn's eye, she winked, while motioning her to join her in the "ring"!!!

By now several other women had emerged from the trees and were exposing their own vaginas, while waiting anxiously for someone to come along and orally relieve them. As if being taken over by a strange force, Glenn could feel her legs propelling her to a vacant spot next to a young man with a huge erection! She hadn't seen a cock of any kind in over two years, but this cock, this cock was like nothing she had seen her entire life!!! Thick and veiny, it looked to be at least ten inches long with a huge mushroom head! Staring at it, the young man offered, "Would you like to suck me off ma'am, I'd be honored it you would, as you can see, I need a hard cum really bad!" Like a magnet the manroot attracted her like a cheap piece of steel to a large magnet! The next thing Glenn knew she was on her knees sucking the fat monster cock like it was the last one on the face of the earth! She hadn't realized how much she missed having a man in her mouth and he tasted absolutely delicious!!! Her jaws were actually growing tired as they had to stretch long and far to accommodate his thickness! When he finally erupted in her mouth, it was like a tidal wave of cum flooding her mouth as the young man spurted load after load into her waiting mouth, seemingly trying to make up for her two year abstinence! When she had swallowed it all down, she stood up and lifted her own dress, showing off her cunt to any and all that cared to look! The same young woman who had tongued Dolly came over and offered to relieve all of Glenn's anxieties! A nod of the head was all it took, and seconds later a mouth and tongue had attached itself to Glenn's crack and began steadily probing up and down the wet slit. It had been so long since her last orally induced orgasm, that Glenn quickly climaxed in the young girl's mouth. Glenn apologized for having cum so quickly, but the young girl never let her mouth leave the comfort of Glenn's pussy, and soon had her climbing the walls again, this time, however, before Glenn could achieve orgasm, she called over a young man who had his penis out and erect. The young woman whispered something in his ear and in a flash Glenn was spun around and taken from the rear by the thick young stallion! In and out of her cunt flew the big pecker, driving the older woman to the brink of orgasm! When she finally got her nut off, Glenn let go with a loud moan that filled the night air, causing the others to give her a loud round of applause!

With cum running down the inside of her thighs, Glenn walked on unsteady legs back to the rest room, where once inside the stall, she cleaned herself up with tissue paper, but the air was still filled with the unmistakable aroma of freshly fucked pussy! Back in the car and on the road again, with her pussy still buzzing from the hard fuck she had just received, Glenn opened up her map and began circling all the rest stops between here and New Orleans. This was going to be a fun trip!!!